Looking pretty post-op

Looking pretty post-op

Q) What product would reduce swelling of post-operative facelift surgery?

– Kate, NSW

To put post-procedure swelling into perspective, this is a natural part of healing after an invasive procedure. There are a couple of actions we can take to minimise swelling. The drug Prednisone or an effective antihistamine will help minimise swelling if taken before the procedure, at the discretion of the treating doctor. It is critical to adhere to the physician’s directions as they consider the whole treatment plan and will be aware of how drugs interact.  

In terms of topical product, after your procedure, ice contained in a plastic film is the most common.  Furthermore, the new range of cosmedical products containing ingredients such as natural phytosteroids, oat beta glucan and willow herb such as Results Rx Recovery Program will assist with swelling and healing.

These ingredients are very active and for this reason the products are only available from a physician who will discuss with you how much you need and when to apply as it varies greatly taking into consideration skin type, age and procedure. There are kits containing four key products, specifically developed for use after cosmetic procedures, surgery, chemical peels and laser therapy, which speed skin recovery time.

For more on Results Rx, phone 1800 648 851

– Dr Garry Cussell, The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic

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