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Ever since Kylie Jenner admitted to getting temporary lip fillers, the world has gone crazy for lip injections. Given that I have a naturally less-than-plump pout, I’ve always been curious about what I’d look like with lip fillers.

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After all, as Ms Jenner herself has shown, lip fillers can change the whole proportion of your face. So I decided to let my curiosity get the better of me and I booked an appointment to try lip injections. Check out the video above to see the my lip fillers before and after!

What treatment did you get and where?

I went to see Dr Natasha Cook at Darlinghurst Dermatology for lip fillers.

How much does the treatment cost?

Lip injections cost is usually calculated based on the amount of mls required for the area. For me, Dr Cook used 1ml of Juvéderm which is $750.

From start to finish, what did the treatment involve?

Dr Cook and I discussed the look I was after with my lip fillers and she expertly assessed my face shape to help determine my needs. Once we’d decided on the look we wanted to go for, Dr Cook applied numbing cream to my lips. After my lips were suitably numb, Dr Cook used a small syringe to precisely inject filler into and around my lips to create my dream pout.

How did the treatment feel on your skin?

I’m not a fan of needles at all (I mean, who is?) but I was surprised at how mild the discomfort was. The numbing cream really helped to dull any pain, so the only thing I felt was a very light stinging in certain areas – almost like a tiny little bee sting and very manageable. Dr Cook’s use of the small, precise syringe also helped, as the needle was quite small, and she made me feel completely comfortable.

How did your skin feel immediately after the treatment (ie. any redness, peeling etc)?

There was definitely some redness and swelling after the treatment but this is to be expected with lip injections and was definitely minimal.

How did your skin feel a couple of days after the treatment (ie. any redness, puffiness, peeling and flakiness etc)?

My lips were swollen for a few days after the treatment and I did see some subtle bruising around the edges of my lips. But this was easily covered with makeup and the swelling wasn’t noticeable to others.

What were the results like?

I absolutely loved the results! Dr Cook made it look so natural, like it was my lips but better. I couldn’t believe the difference just a small amount of filler made and my lips just looked that little bit more pouty. That being said, I still looked like me, which was important as I wasn’t unhappy with the way I looked – I wanted a little enhancement on what was already there. It also lasts up to 12 months.

Who would you recommend this treatment for?

Anybody who wants to enhance their lips. Honestly, I’m so happy with it and I have no doubt I’ll go back in for a top up when I need it.

Anything else worth noting?

Dr Cook suggests that anyone considering lip fillers should make sure to do their research before they book an appointment. “Ask what product is being used. You want a product that is TGA approved,” she advises. “Go natural and don’t overdo it. It’s easier to add more than take it out, and what’s in fashion today may not be tomorrow so make sure your lips suit your face.”

For more information about lip fillers with Dr Natasha Cook or to book an appointment, visit www.darlinghurstdermatology.com or call (02) 9247 2887.

Would you ever try lip fillers?

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