Leave Britney alone!

Leave Britney alone!

Okay, let’s face it; we all have to deal with the fact that the princess of pop… lip-syncs, and boy oh boy has she copped it! We’ve seen Brits face the wrath of the Australian media this entire week, when just seven days ago all I was seeing was green for not having a ticket to her concert.

If I were Brit’s assistant, or manager, or umbrella holder for that matter, I’d advise her to have a long, hot soak with Pevonia Botanica Essential Oil Bath Salts Anti-Stress, to help wash all of the bad vibes away.

No doubt her publicist is bathing Brits in Bioelements Stress Solution, to ensure that valuable face of hers stays smooth and clear of woeful worry wrinkles and cranky creases from the stress that bad publicity brings.

And before Brits hops on stage to deliver one heck of a show, I’d be sure to fill her dressing room with the scent of Jurlique Neroli Pure Essential Oil, to relieve nervous tension and ensure a killer performance that’ll see fans calling for an encore.

Do you think Brits has been unfairly treated?

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