Destination bliss

Destination bliss

A wise woman once said, “I love luxury.” And, really, who’s to argue with Coco Chanel? Not us, that’s for sure. So, being the perfect pupils that we are, we’ve toured the globe to find the most lavish, luxurious and downright drool-worthy spas to brighten up dull, dreary days. All you have to do is relax…

Grand getaway # 1: Space Hotel Atrium

Where: Dalmatia, Croatia
Deluxe credentials: Space sits in the heart of 5 star luxury, Hotel Atrium, the first of its kind in downtown Split. The historic centre of Split is built around the remains of the Diocletian Palace, a roman fortress enriched with gothic and renaissance buildings. The Spa itself sits atop the Diocletian Aqueduct, which can be glimpsed below street level at the hotel’s main entrance.
Plush promise: “Space was created to meet the individual needs of each person that decides to enter this fascinating wellness world. The treatments offered in this centre are the result of years of experience, they were born out of aspiration to let one have the most out of wellness.”

Top treatments:

Aromasoul Indian ritual massage

Inspired by the ancient life philosophy of ayurveda, the ‘science of life’, this ritual massage resonates deeply with mind, body and spirit, releasing stress and tension, while bestowing a complete state of harmony.

60 minutes

Take home tip: Comfort Zone Tranquility Oil Blend, $142, features tons of essential oils to deliver a calming sense of wellbeing.

Monticelli mud

This reducing and detoxifying treatment is based on the use of a creamy mud enriched with Monticelli thermal waters. It provides draining and decongesting action. Combine this with an intensive deep-tissue massage and you’ll see your way to a visibly improved, ultra soft skin texture.

1 hour 30 minutes

Take home tip: Comfort Zone Monticelli Spa Mud, $70, will help you recreate the detoxifying process. Sadly though, you’ll have to clear up your own mess. 

Grand getaway # 2: Per Aquum La Briz

Where: Silhouette Island, Seychelles

Deluxe credentials: Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, east of mainland Africa and northeast of Madagascar, The Seychelles is tropical island paradise. With luxury villas opening onto pristine white beaches and treatment suites set on massive boulders emerging from the forest…this sure is an awe-inspiring setting.
Plush promise: “To treat each person as an individual. To provide a place of calm and quiet, one of the few places in the world free from distractions. Where the only focus is you. To inspire. To nurture. To enhance wellbeing through intuitive touch in the world’s most desired location – leaving Aquum forever soaked in your spirit.”

Top treatments:

Kreol Inspiration

The Kreol-inspired body smoothing and conditioning ritual is designed with the sole intention of ensuring clients lose themselves completely in the magically indulgent moment. You’ll experience a warm brown sugar and nutmeg polish smoothed over a green coffee and coconut wrap, finished with a creamy, spiced coconut hair mask and intuitive massage. Bliss!

2 hours 30 minutes

Take home tip:Pevonia Botanica Seaweed Exfoliating Cleansing Bar, $37, removes toxic build up, plus close your eyes and transport yourself to a pristine seaside paradise.

Completely Caviar

Release your Island Goddess with the opulent, world-exclusive Caviar
Ritual. This is the ultimate in luxury. Drenching your skin with pure caviar and pearl, you’ll be cleansed in caviar and renewed with an extravagant full body caviar mask, resulting in silky, sumptuous skin. But it doesn’t end there! Enjoy a superior caviar hand and foot treatment before finishing off with a luxe caviar facial. This is the ultimate in sublime relaxation, total radiance and soul satisfaction.

2 hours 40 minutes

Take home tip: Pevonia Botanica Silky Foot Peel, $27.50, will leave your tootsies soft and smooth. The peppermint oil stimulates blood circulation and smells divine.

Grand getaway # 3: Le Maison de Beauté (The House of Beauty)

Where: 11 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris.
Deluxe credentials: In 1946, two French sisters, Maria and Rosy Carita, “entrepreneurs of transformation”, decided to change the notion of salons forever. Already esteemed hairstylists by trade – they collaborated with the leading avant-garde designers of the day such as Givenchy and Cardin – they founded House of Beauty to offer an intimate setting for peace and absolute relaxation.
Plush promise: “To provide a privileged hideaway where each woman is treated to a bespoke pampering. A beautiful woman is a woman at peace with herself.”

Top treatments:

Intense Hydrating RENOVATEUR (Lagoon Bath “Pro Lift”)

This intensive moisturising facial is ideal for dehydrated skin. Using the Carita Lagoon treatment range to soothe and hydrate skin, this super hydrating facial gives skin renewed radiance and vibrancy. Fine lines, caused by fatigue and dehydration, are eliminated and the skin’s natural moisture balance is restored to produce an immediate and long-lasting suppleness. After this wonderful treatment, which combines exfoliation, relaxation massage and a second ‘Pro-Lifting’ massage, the skin will feel immediately invigorated, enriched and glowing with a refreshed vitality.

1hour 30 Minutes
$350 approx.

Take home tip: Carita Progressif Corps Firming Hydrating Emulsion, $180, offers a double whammy as it firms and moisturises the skin, restoring a hydrated, youthful appearance.

Revitalizing Body RENOVATEUR (Volcanic Rebalance)

This extraordinary volcanic massage treatment will transport you to a physical and spiritual plateau of deep calm and energised vitality. The warm full body wrap intensifies the replenishing powers of phonolite extract leaving skin revitalised and rebalanced. Cool volcanic pebbles are used to gently massage the forehead and temples, while warm pebbles release tension from key pressure points on the back and hands. Finally, a calming and revitalising full body massage with warm volcanic pebbles will leave the whole body tingling with energy.

1hr 30 minutes
$400 approx.

Take home tip: Carita Progressif Corps Rénovatrice Exfoliating Cream, $140, stimulates and tones the skin to fight slacking.

It should be noted that whilst Bh would have loved, loved, loved to have personally hand-picking these spas, we too have jobs, lives and maxed out credit cards keeping us here so we’re every bit as green with envy as you are. We can all dream though!

Beam yourself into beauty bliss. Search our Salon and spa directory to find a piece of pampering paradise near you.

– Sarah Macrae 

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