Reviewed: Laser tattoo removal

Reviewed: Laser tattoo removal

While we all have a few beauty regrets that we’d much rather forget, there’s nothing quite as permanent as a committing to a tattoo. Rather than resigning herself to putting up with her unwanted ink each and every day, bh’s Vanessa successfully removed her tattoo with a series of laser tattoo removal treatments.

Read her review of the treatment process below, and check out her impressive before and after photos…

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What treatment did you get and where?

“I had PicoSure Laser Removal at Vanish Skin Clinic in Leichhardt, Sydney NSW. It’s a fast and effective laser technology that delivers ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin which helps to shatter the ink into tiny particles which are then eliminated by the body. I had six laser tattoo removal treatments over a period of 18 months. You have to wait six to eight weeks in between treatments.”

How much does the treatment cost?

“Prices vary depending of the size of the tattoo. For example, a small sized tattoo could cost $60 and a sleeve tattoo could cost $600. Most average sized tattoo are between $150 and $350.”

From start to finish, what did the treatment involve?

“Before the treatment, I had to ensure that there were no fake tan, oils or moisturisers on the area of the tattoo. The area was then cleaned with an alcohol wipe, then the therapist applied freezing cold air which is connected to the laser technology machine (this helps to numb the area, meaning less pain!). Once they’d applied the freezing cold air for about two to three minutes, the laser was directed to the area of the tattoo and the short laser bursts were applied to the outline of the tattoo. In my case, the tattoo was quite small, so I held my breath, and when I breathed out, it was done! After the treatment, a special cream was applied to the area to help soothe and calm the skin, followed by a cotton dressing.”

How did the treatment feel on your skin?

“I’m not going to lie – it did hurt! However, given my tattoo was in a sensitive spot on my body, I think it was worse off compared to someone who has a tattoo in a less sensitive area, like on the arm or back. Having said, that the discomfort only lasted for a few seconds.”

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How did your skin feel immediately after the treatment?

“Immediately after the treatment, my skin was a little bit red, but I was given some cream to pop on to help soothe the area and cool it down.”

How did your skin feel a couple of days after the treatment?

“After each of my six treatments, the area blistered a little bit, but that subsided over two to three weeks.”

What were the results like?

“The results were fantastic! After six sessions, my tattoo is virtually gone, and only a little bit of pigmentation is left behind from it.”

Who would you recommend this treatment for?

“Anyone who wants to remove a tattoo easily and safely.”

Do you have a tattoo you’d like to remove? Would you consider getting laser tattoo removal?

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