Inspired by The Shire: would you have plastic surgery?


Confession time: all but one or two ladies in the office indulged in a wee bit of trashy television last night. Yep, we all had our eyes peeled to Australia’s latest – and possibly greatest – reality TV show The Shire. And despite its lack of intelligent ‘characters’, we’re pretty sure it’s likely to become a weekly must-watch just so we can encounter a few belly laughs…

But the one thing that had us all in a heated chinwag this morning was The Shire’s resident beauticians Vernesa and Sophie and their love for all things fake. We’re talking boob jobs, Botox injections, plumped-up lips and hair extensions. But is this OK? Have they had too much work done at such a young age? And will they be the next Heidi Montags of the reality TV world? Who knows, but I’m sure we’ll see the snaps in the local rags…

This subject aroused the muscle in my head even further: how do I feel about plastic surgery? Right now, I wouldn’t let a surgeon touch me with a 10ft needle. My body isn’t perfect, but it’s mine and it’s unique. But what about in 10, 20 or even 30 years’ time? I can’t tell you how I’ll feel. All I know is this: I have the horrible and very real fear I’d end up looking like a cat (think Jocelyn Wildenstein) or ridiculously out of proportion like Ms Katie Price (aka Jordan). Not fun, I tell you. Not fun at all.

And what does the rest of the beautyheaven team think?

bh’s Carli: “I will probably never have them done, but I’m not opposed to having my boobs done. I’m also not against people having surgery to make them feel better about themselves, but sometimes I feel people do go a little overboard…”

bh’s Laina: “I don’t understand why women fell they need to succumb to this image of society – big boobs and no wrinkles. If you want to be a better version of yourself – through face and hair treatments and make-up – that’s great, but going under the knife or anaesthetic is ridiculous.

bh’s Natalie: “I would definitely consider getting a breast enlargement (not a huge one, mind you), but I’d never have any types of fillers or Botox injected into my face – only anti-ageing treatments.”

bh’s Kate: “I once walked into a pole and broke my nose and I could’ve had a free nose job but I was a scaredy cat so backed out. I was too afraid I’d have an anaesthetic and never wake up. But that’s just me – each to their own, I say.”

bh’s Laura: “If you’d have asked me this 10 years ago I’d have said no way, but now I’m in my 30s and the wrinkles are starting to appear, well… it depends what new techniques are available to me in another 10 years! A boob enlargement is definitely out, though – I think they’d just get in the way.”

But what do you think? Are you for plastic surgery? Or do you think it’s utterly silly? And have you had anything done? Would you like to see us cover this topic more often?

PS. Want more under-the-knife goodness? We’ve rounded up a few celebrity trout pouts and some outrageous surgery stuff-ups, too…

Photo credit: Network Ten

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