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Truth be told, being blessed with straight teeth doesn’t come naturally for most people, leaving many of us massively jealous of the celebs that flaunt their perfect pegs (Jessica Alba, we’re looking at you!) and spending our teen years with a mouth full of metal.

All jokes aside, living with crooked teeth can have a real impact on someone’s self-confidence and can even prevent them from smiling in an attempt to hide their teeth from others.

While there are many solutions out there for people looking to perfect their smiles, the various types of teeth-straightening treatments available can be a bit overwhelming and make it difficult to figure out which one will be the perfect choice for you.

If comfortable, super discreet, and quick results are at the top of your must-have list, then listen up. The Incognito Lingual Braces System by 3M is a new teeth-straightening treatment used by celebrities and regular folk to improve their smile without impacting on their lifestyle.

Incognito is a fully customised treatment that uses nickel-free gold alloy braces that are fixed behind your teeth, making them incredibly subtle. Honestly, no one will even know you have braces. How do we know this? Beautyheaven team member Annalise put the Incognito Lingual Braces System to the test. So, did they give her the Hollywood smile she hoped for? Read on to find out…

“Never in my life have I been so aware of mouths! On a daily basis I study celebrity red carpet smiles, my co-worker’s pearly whites, and glistening teeth in advertisements, so let’s just say it’s become a bit of an obsession.

“Nearly two years ago, I had the Incognito Lingual Braces System by 3M applied to the backs of my teeth, which is a straightening solution that’s virtually impossible to detect, so looking after my teeth has kind of become ‘my thing’.

“For as long as I can remember, I had issues with a cluttered mouth and a few of my teeth crossing over that looked, well, crooked. To put it bluntly, I had a snaggle tooth (fun fact: so does Kate Moss) and have always been a little self conscious about taking photos with a open mouth, so I thought why not do something about it?

“After tossing it up for about a week I decided I would undertake treatment at Sydney Smile Specialists with Dr Steve Stramotas in Chatswood. The team there were very helpful and provided practical tips along the way to help with the changes I experienced while having braces on, which make my every day life that little bit easier. This included tips on how to brush and floss with braces attached to the backs of your teeth, what foods to avoid – carrots, toffees, super crunchy muesli slices, or nougat – that could interfere with the bonding and glue on my brackets after a bite or two, and help with a few small speech issues that I had in the first few days of having them applied. 

“Even though there were some small teething issues (pardon the pun) early on – all in all I’m thrilled with the results.”
“After a relatively quick two years, I now have perfectly straight teeth and my jaw is in alignment (no more over bite for me!). I enjoy wearing bright lip colours without getting smudges on my teeth, and smile openly and freely in photos and in person. In all honesty, I think my overall confidence has grown and because I’m in a position at work where I’m speaking with people every day, being comfortable with my appearance is a must. I also enjoyed the freedom that the Incognito Lingual Braces by 3M allowed me during my treatment – for the entire two years I had them on, no-one knew until I told them!”

To find out more information about the Incognito Lingual Braces System by 3M, click here.

Do you like the results of Annalise’s teeth? Would you like to try the Incognito Lingual Braces System?

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