How To Maintain Healthy Hair And Colour Between Salon Visits

How To Maintain Healthy Hair And Colour Between Salon Visits

There’s nothing better than that feeling when you first step out of the salon. Your colour is oh-so-vibrant, your cut is on-trend, and your blow-dry rivals Alessandra’s Victoria Secret waves. The question is: how can you maintain your mane in between trips to the hairdresser?

It’s all about the products. Arm yourself with the right ones, and there’s a very good chance you’ll be walking around with salon-worthy strands every day.

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Make the most of your salon appointment by asking your hairdresser about the condition of your hair and what it needs to be healthy. Ask questions like, “Is it dry and damaged?”, or “do I need to use a toner?” That way, you’ll know how to keep your mane in tip-top shape. Also, consider investing in the shampoo and conditioner the stylists used on you in-salon – they would have chosen a duo to suit your hair type to a tee.  


The key to keeping your colour vibrant between salon visits is protection. Washing your hair, exposing it to the sun, and heat styling can cause colour to fade, so invest in products that’ll help to seal in your colour, give it a boost and protect it from UV rays. Opt for a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner and spritz your locks with a heat protectant containing UV filters – and say goodbye to fast fading!  

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The blondies out there will know what I mean when I say that making your hair look glossy every day is no easy feat. Supercharge that shine by spraying your locks with a brightness boosting leave-in treatment after washing, then sealing it in with a serum. Plus, treat your hair to a hydrating mask once a week for extra polish.

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Can’t live without your straightener, hairdryer and curling wand? Neither can we – but gosh, they can cause major damage. The seriously high temperatures of these tools can fry your hair, so make sure you prep with a heat protectant before styling, and try to limit your use of hot tools each week. Also, prevent your ends from splitting with a nourishing treatment for split ends. You’ll score major brownie points with your hairdresser!

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How do you maintain your hair between salon visits? Would you like to try any of these products?

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