How to: Always get the perfect cut

How to: Always get the perfect cut

Trevor Sorbie tends some of the most famous tresses in celebritydom and is regarded by many as the best hairdresser in the world. So he has more than a few hairdressing tricks up his sleeve. But asked for his best ever piece of advice, Sorbie says, “Whatever else you do, really go for the cut. It’s what everything else is built around. And you get what you pay for, so find a great hairdresser who can give you that cut.”

Here are his three rules for finding the right hairdresser and the right cut for you:

1. Choose a good-looking salon
“Look for someone who has invested their time and their money in a stylish, modern and ‘serious’ salon,” advises Sorbie. “You want a serious hairdresser who has kept up with what’s going on and if someone’s got the same sun-bleached picture in the window that’s been there for the last ten years, that’s not a serious hairdresser. That person’s just doing it as a job – it’s not their passion.”

2. Have a consultation
“The consultation is so important,” Sorbie stresses. ” The hairdresser should be prepared to spend a decent amount of time with you, getting to know your hair and, even more importantly, who you are.

“And it shouldn’t cost you a penny.”

Sorbie details that this is when you should form all-important trust in the hairdresser. “The consultation is where you should feel it – that the hairdresser understands what you want and also what you need from the hairstyle.

” You should feel comfortable asking questions and talking about ideas for what you want to do. And you should feel confident about the answers.”

3. Be prepared to invest
“You get what you pay for,” according to Sorbie. “[The cut is] the most important thing about your hair, so you shouldn’t be afraid to go for it, to get the best that you can.”

Beautyheaven spoke to Trevor Sorbie at Hair Expo 2006

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