What is a high frequency facial tool and why is it good for breakouts?


How many times have you desperately wished you could banish a breakout? It’s like they always know the prime time to pop out – you’ve got a job interview, a first date or your own birthday party. Every damn time. Well, turns out, there’s a thing called a high frequency facial tool that can help you banish breakouts on the ASAP. And Brittany Denton, Dermalogica Traning Specialist, has explained everything you need to know about it…

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Why you get breakouts

You can’t fix your bloody breakouts without first understanding why you get them. And according to Brittany, there are a lot of contributing factors for why you score breakouts and blemishes.

“External factors such as makeup containing comedogenic ingredients, a poor skin care routine including the use of incorrect skin care products as well as environmental factors such as pollution. In addition, stress, poor diet and imbalanced hormones all play a role,” says Brittany.

And why just in certain spots on your face? “Interestingly utilising Chinese Facial Diagnosis it identifies the breakouts along the sides of the chin and coming across the jawline area as being driven primarily by your sex hormones. Women will often find this is the area they experience breakouts just before their monthly cycle. You may also notice that each month your breakouts swap sides, this reflects which ovary is currently ovulating,” Brittany explains.

Using Direct High Frequency on breakouts

So back to this magical tool that can help treat breakouts – it’s a high frequency facial tool called Direct High Frequency. Brittany explains that it’s used to help speed up and clear up your breakouts. “This machine produces a germicidal effect by introducing oxygen to the skin, helping to reduce the P. Acne [Propionibacterium Acnes] bacteria residing within the follicle/pores,” she says.

In other words, a breakout forms when a blockage occurs on the surface of the skin, no oxygen can get in and then bacteria comes alive. So oxygen is put into those hair follicles to stop breakouts in their tracks. Simple!

How you can get Direct High Frequency

“Direct High Frequency can be incorporated into most personalised skin treatments. Traditionally the modality is used with a dry piece of gauze placed on the skin, creating a narrow space between the skin and the electrode for ozone to form. Alternatively, targeted treatment products can be applied underneath the gauze to assist in the antibacterial and healing effects of the direct high frequency. Direct high frequency is commonly used post extractions to assist in eliminating bacteria and preventing future breakouts.

“A lot of treatment centres will have direct high frequency attached to their steamers. I would encourage clients to ask their skin therapist next time they have a skin treatment. Especially if you wish to have extractions,” explains Brittany. “Not all salons will have this machine however I would encourage clients to ask their skin therapist next time they have a skin treatment, they may have it tucked away in a cupboard and all it needs is a bit of a dust!”

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Have you ever had a facial where they used a high frequency facial tool? What do you do to deal with breakouts?

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