Gwyneth Paltrow on ageing gracefully and trying injectables

Gwyneth Paltrow on ageing gracefully and trying injectables

After a Botox-induced panic attack back when she was turning 40, Gwyneth Paltrow was convinced she would stay away from injectables for good and let her frown lines do their thing. 

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Almost a decade later (and on the cusp of turning 50), the wellness industry pioneer had instead decided to seek the knowledge of close friend and plastic surgeon, Julius Few, to investigate what exactly women are doing when they don’t want to have major surgery. 

One 90-second “teeny” jab between the eyebrows later and Gwyneth was sold on her now brand partner, Merz Aesthetic, and their purified injectable Xeomin. 

Speaking to Allure, Gwyneth explained that although her philosophy on ageing gracefully centres around “taking care of your body from the inside out”, that doesn’t mean she isn’t opposed to a little external help.

Describing the results of her injection, Gwyneth said, “it was such a nice, natural result and it made me look like I had a nice, long, good sleep,” also praising the low-intensity side effects which left her “completely expressive and normal”.

So can we now expect to see a greater push toward cosmetic treatments on Goop? Hmmm, not quite. Although Gwyneth admits the Xeomin is keeping her looking refreshed and she is open to anything, “I need to gauge what’s right for me at every phase in my life,” she said.

For now, she still advocates for “amazing nutrition and sleep” as the cornerstones of ageing gracefully. 

And while self-confidence in our physical appearance is something we all strive for, when it comes to defining beauty Gwyneth believes it all comes from within, “beauty is about feeling beautiful and doing the things that make you feel internally beautiful”. 

So if injectables still aren’t your thing (pure or not), do as Goop has been preaching for over a decade and “commit to good nutrition or exercise, you will feel better and you will look better”.

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Have you tried injectables? Are you open to giving them a go?

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  1. Do not need them. But look, not against anything really if it is beneficial in any shape or form to a person. On mental or physical level. Needs not to harm, only to do good things.

  2. I don’t like the idea of injectibles &, at the moment, I’ve got no plans to try any. If I change my plans as I get older, something like Xeomin sounds better than botox. You can always pick a botoxed face – too frozen & expressionless.

  3. I have no judgement for anyone using injectables or cosmetic surgery, though I’m not sure I want to take GP’s advice on anything. For me, I’m learning to love my wrinkles, which are diminishing slowly along with my eyesight.

  4. I just don’t like what Gwyneth Paltrow stands for with her brand. She’s beautiful and I’m sure some of her advice IS helpful. But she also pushes her audience to waste money on so much crap – and sometimes DANGEROUS crap – that I won’t be taking any advice from her at all. It’s too bad.

  5. She does look great! It is just too bad that i am petrified of needles… wishing there would be another option that is less painful.

    I also agree that it does help to eat healthy for a good glow… something that i need to work on.

  6. I’m a believer of each to their own and say never say never. At this stage I’m a no especially with recent health issues I’m trying to minimise toxic load. I thought of Gwyn as a health gurus and wouldn’t go down an injectable path but like I said each to their own. I guess it’s good that she is somewhat transparent and isn’t a health gurus who denies having work down.

  7. I’m surprised that Gwyneth would even consider injectables considering her holistic lifestyle. She’s in the public spotlight so she might feel some pressure in looking youthful.

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