Goddess for a day

Goddess for a day

I’ve got to admit that I’m not bad at working a little loveliness into my everyday routine. Slather a little hand cream under rubber gloves on chore day and I’m a domestic goddess, and, with all the creams and potions that line my desk in beautyheaven, daily treats aren’t too hard to come by. But, even when all things gorgeous are your job, it can be tough to squeeze all-out, no-treatments-barred pampering into the schedule.

Which is why Goddess Days are legendary amongst beauty editors. Twice or so a year, the good people from True Solutions Spa Universe spoil beauty scribes senseless with a day of ultimate indulgence. I’m talking bubbly and lots of quaffing, canapés so cute you feel pangs at scoffing and luxurious spa facials with decadent products from Ilcsi,Carita and Priori. Then there are stress-melting massages with divine Decleor oils and glamorous make-up sessions with I.D. Bare Escentuals mineral cosmetics. It’s like a degustation menu of all the delights in Spa Universe. And, no matter how large her deadline looms, every beauty writer I know makes time for Goddess Day – we trail in tightly wound coils of tension and glide out on fluffy clouds of contentment.

So I’m going to let you in on the big beauty secret: Spa Universe is everywhere and you can indulge whenever you like. Salons and spas all over the country have therapists practised in the art of spoiling the body, mind and spirit with some of the most luxurious products known to (wo)man. Fancy a yoga facial with fragrantly organic ingredients? An aromatherapy massage perhaps? Spauniverse.com.au has all the details. Go on, indulge yourself. Every girl should get to be a goddess for a day, or at least for a few fabulous hours…

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