Freckle tattooing now exists

Freckle tattooing now exists

If you’ve got freckles, you’ve probably spent a lot of time using all sorts of brightening serums and full-coverage foundations to hide them or reduce their appearance. I know I have! But put down the concealer because those freckles you’ve accumulated over the years? They’re now très chic! So much so that people who aren’t blessed with those little kisses from the sun are having them permanently tattooed on!

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Freckle tattooing is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, with tattoo artists able to create pretty little freckles or enhance existing ones. Like brow tattooing, freckle tattoos are made using subtle pigments to enhance areas of the face. The most popular area to have freckles added is across the bridge of the nose and cheeks.

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Cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow says most of her clients start out with just a few little freckles but always come back wanting more. ‘I try to go with the whole policy of less is more,’ she told ELLE. ‘I do a little bit, but they always come back within a few days and are like, “I want more freckles!”‘

As with brow tattoos, the initial result can be quite dark. Thankfully, this will fade over the next few days to create a lovely sun-kissed effect on the skin. The freckles will then continue to fade over time, lasting up to two years!

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Image via @gabriellerainbow

Celebrities are also big on the faux freckle trend. In a recent interview with The Coveteur, Margot Robbie revealed that her flawless-looking complexion is often thanks to drawn-on freckles! While she’s usually wearing a ‘ton of makeup’ at events, Margot’s makeup artist dots freckles on over the top of her foundation with a brow pencil to create a more natural effect. ‘It’s my favorite thing they do,’ she says. ‘You feel younger and like you’ve been out in the sun, it looks amazing.’ The effect is so subtle, you can barely even see it!

Not keen to go down the tattoo route, but still want to get in on some freckle action? We’ve got expert tips on how to fake them without having to commit to a tattoo or exposing your face to the sun’s harmful rays (still an absolute no-no! Sunscreen and safety first, people). But if you’ve already got freckles, wear them with pride! I’ve started removing my concealer already.

What do you think of freckle tattooing? Would you try faux freckles?

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