Filler fatigue: The worrying effect of too many injections

Filler fatigue: The worrying effect of too many injections

In the age of self-improvement, popping to a cosmetic doctor to reinvigorate your face with some filler injections is not unusual. But it turns out overdoing it on the filler front can have some less-than-desirable long-term consequences.
Enter ‘Filler Fatigue’, a phenomenon some surgeons are warning their patients about. It’s different to the immediate mishaps possible from a single injection; the term is associated with the repeated use of filler injections over time.
While some plastic surgeons insist it’s a rising issue, filler fatigue is a fairly new term that requires some more research to understand. In the meantime, here’s what we know so far…


Imagine blowing air into a fresh balloon until it’s filled to capacity. Now release the air, then blow back in, release, and so on. The result is something not as tight and taut as point zero.

The theory is that when fillers like collagen and Restylane are repeatedly injected into flesh, over time this can weigh down and loosen the skin. And so, each subsequent trip to the doctor would require more volume of filler to fill that already stretched-out skin.


“If too much filler has been injected then the fillers can be dissolved,” says Natalie Abouchar, Founder of Privée Clinic in Sydney. “This is a simple, non-surgical procedure which will dissolve away the filler within 24-48 hours.” Another option is the Radiofrequency Skin Tightening treatment, which uses a hand-held device to distribute heat energy and pulsed electromagnetic fields, targeting and stimulating facial tissue, the neck and décolletage.You can even use your own blood. “Platelet rich plasma is a natural alternative which will not cause the over inflated puffy look. It uses the patient’s own blood to stimulate collagen production,” says Abouchar.
However, there are cases where reversing the effects of too much filler may require surgical intervention, like a facelift. To avoid this situation, it pays to enlist a high-calibre professional. “Cheapest is definitely not always the best option for filler treatments,” says Abouchar. “Most patients don’t realise they are paying for the skill of the injector, not just the product.”


Perhaps the trick is to embrace the beauty of natural lips à la Meghan Markle or even improve your smile, Botox permitting.
If that’s out of the question, here are six products to firm and tighten your skin:

Liquid gold resurfacing treatment, $59.95 by Alpha-H.

The Ordinary granactive retinoid 2%, $18.30 at Adore Beauty.

Concentrated moisturiser, $79, by Dr Natasha Cook.

Cosmedix Bio-shape firming mask, $74.80 at Activeskin.

Dr Sebagh supreme body cream, $218 at NET-A-PORTER.

Cellular Repair Night Complex, $168 by Glyco.

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Words by Chris Xi 

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  1. Love all acids and retinols! Want all listed haha…
    I do not need filling thing, but love good skincare to keep skin looking best it can be (what I’ve put it trough…eeek)

  2. Fillers in lips have gotten out of control. When it is obvious, it is done wrong me thinks. ALso wonder if this disfigures lips in the long term and stretch skin making it wrinkly with time?

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