I tried EZ SMILE clear aligners and my teeth have never been straighter

I tried EZ SMILE clear aligners and my teeth have never been straighter

After sporting braces all throughout high school (and yes, I was even the one sporting head-gear at slumber parties!) my teeth were pretty perfect by the time I was an adult. But after having my first baby, they started to move out of alignment. A lot of women report this during pregnancy, but it was something I was unaware of at the time.

I really wanted them to be straight again, but I also didn’t want to have to go through the braces process all over again. I just wanted something that was simple and easy, and that also wouldn’t be too noticeable.

So when I was approached by EZ SMILE – a personalised clear aligners programme that gradually straightens your teeth over time – to road-test the product in return for an honest review, I jumped at the chance. Here’s what happened and how I found the treatment…

My teeth before EZ SMILE clear aligners

My teeth weren’t too bad in the grand scheme of things, but my two front teeth had started to ‘buck’ out again slightly and one was starting to move in front of the tooth next to it. Being at the front it was really noticeable to me, plus three of my bottom teeth had also become a bit crooked again. 

What happened at my EZ SMILE scanning appointment 

The best thing about the entire EZ SMILE process was how quick and easy it all was. After I booked in, I went to the EZ SMILE scanning centre at Warriewood and they took digital scans of my teeth. They display on the computer while you’re there and it shows you just how out-of-alignment your teeth really are. 

Their lab then uses these 3D images of your teeth to create your 3D teeth straightening plan, which they put together after the appointment and then email it to you. The plan shows how your teeth gradually move from their current crooked position into your final straight position. You don’t have to be there for this process, so the appointment itself is super quick. 

What happened after my EZ SMILE scanning appointment

Once the team in the lab had created my treatment plan, I was sent an email outlining it all.  In my case I needed to wear 12 sets of aligners–each for 2-3weeks–and I would also be provided with a retainer to wear at the end on an ongoing basis at night. 

Once I confirmed that I was happy to go ahead with everything, all I had to do was wait for the aligners to arrive in the post – it was that simple!

If you do have any questions or concerns during your treatment program you can call them (like I did when I accidentally threw out one of my aligners – tip: don’t put them in a serviette while you’re eating, use the case they provide!) and their customer service team are really helpful in answering any questions or addressing any concerns.

My experience with the aligners

Once the aligners arrived in the post, I was all ready to go. I found throughout the treatment that when you put a new set of aligners in they can feel quite ‘tight’ on your teeth at first. I always made sure I was switching to a new aligner at night, so I’d just pop it in and go to sleep, and by morning they wouldn’t feel tight anymore. Sometimes, the first time I’d take out a new aligner and eat something my teeth would feel a little tender, but that would pass within a few minutes. 

As for the upkeep, the only thing you need to do is rinse and brush your aligners every day, which I just did whenever I brushed my teeth. You do have to get used to taking them in and out when you eat, but after the first week it becomes second nature.

There aren’t really any downsides to the treatment, which is great. If I had to be really picky, I’d say that if you forget to wear your aligner for a day or two, your teeth would start to move back a bit, as your aligner would feel tight again the next time you wore it. But if you wore them consistently (like you were supposed to), then it was all perfect. 

My EZ SMILE results 

I was actually really shocked at how quickly EZ SMILE clear aligners started to work. The first set of aligners is kind of like a ‘practice’ set – you wear them for a couple of weeks just to get used to having them in your mouth, talking with them in, and putting them in and out. But I didn’t find they actually moved my teeth. 

Once I started on the second set––I started feeling the results within a week. I say ‘feeling’ because I first noticed a change when I ran my tongue along the back of my teeth, and also in the feel of my bite. But I’d say that you could start to see results after about 2-3 weeks of wearing the second set. And within two months I was getting comments from close friends and family telling me my teeth already looked straightener.

The final verdict

Honestly, my EZ SMILE experience was great. My teeth are back to how straight they were after I’d had braces, and it only took about eight months, which is amazing. I had a delay in starting the process too, so for others it may only take six months to see similar results. Overall I’m really impressed with EZ SMILE– the process is simple, fuss-free and most importantly, it’s actually really effective!

At only $2149, EZ SMILE clear aligners are the affordable and convenient way to straighten your teeth. Many of our customers see results in an average of 6 months. Payment plans are available, see website for more details.

Debbie Black received free EZ SMILE treatment in return for a review of the product.

EZ SMILE clear aligners are removable plastic trays that are moulded to your teeth’s specification to provide alignment of your teeth.

Always read and follow the instructions for use.

Have you ever considered teeth straightening? Do you like the idea of aligners?

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