WATCH: What happens when you get your brows tattooed

WATCH: What happens when you get your brows tattooed

I promised my mother I would never swear on camera or get a tattoo. But both of these promises were broken when I decided to get feather touch brow tattooing.

It was something I’d been thinking of doing for a while, and after learning more about what it feels like and how long it lasts, I booked my consultation appointment.

This is where the video above begins, and we filmed it ALL so that you could see exactly what’s involved (including a mild freak-out from yours truly and the amazing before and afters). It’s really worth a watch if you’re considering having it done yourself.

Selena from Elegant Lashes was my cosmetic tattooist and she did a fabulous job. You can book an appointment with her through the website, which also gives a rundown on prices.

And if you have any questions about my experience with brow tattooing, please leave them in the comment section below!

Are you interested in cosmetic tattooing? What did you think of Sam’s results?

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