Perfectly pampered

Perfectly pampered

It’s a sad state of affairs when we feel the need to justify a trip to the salon so I’ve decided that the time has come to unite in the conclusion that an odd trip to the local salon or spa (no, it doesn’t have to be a luxurious retreat in the back of beyond) is a must – especially for busy mums wanting to maintain their sanity or women on the go who need to stop, stop I say, slow down and breath.   

I had the pleasure (also known as a guilty perk of the job) of road-testing an Ella Baché Eternal Facial and my, oh my, did I feel utterly, perfectly, wonderfully pampered.

The Ella Baché Eternal facial begins with a thorough cleanse and then a Wood’s lamp is used to diagnose the skin. Thankfully, apart from being a little dehydrated, mine was in pretty good shape (I put that down to good genes as I have a pretty lazy skin routine). The skin undergoes a second cleanse (talk about super-clean skin) and exfoliation before an enzymatic peel is applied, followed by a firming peel-off mask.

By this stage my skin already felt plumped and nourished – but wait, there was more to come. Qi-gong balls (which felt liked heated marbles) were rubbed over my face in small circular movements: apparently this unique technique loosens tissue and stimulates blood flow.

To finish, a moisture protective sunscreen specific to my skin’s needs (hydrating and formulated to treat premature signs of ageing) was massaged into my face along with Ella Baché Eternal Restructuring Eye Gel.

The result? My skin felt thoroughly hydrated (which is a great if, like me, your skin tends to get a bit dehydrated), plumped, free from conjestion and glowing. I can’t remember the last time I had a salon treatment (this gig isn’t all about trips to the hairdresser and beauty freebies you know!) but I do know that I won’t be leaving it so long until the next one.

What’s your take: is skin condition down to genes or a good skin regime?

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