We try the DMK enzyme therapy aka the ‘Game Of Thrones’ facial


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As a lover of all things skincare, I’m a sucker for a good treatment.

Aside from my daily skincare routine, I usually get treatments like microdermabrasion, medi-aesthetic peels, or LED light therapy once a month and am always excited to adopt a new treatment into my rotation.

So when I started seeing photos and videos of the new DMK “Game of Thrones” facial going viral on Instagram, I knew I had to try it. I booked myself in for a treatment with Leanne at DMK, and here’s how it went.

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What is the GOT facial?

This viral mask, coined the “Game of Thrones” facial, is actually an enzyme therapy treatment developed by DMK. It covers your face, neck, and decolletage in a white creamy paste that hardens into a mask and gives your skin a dragon-like look to it, hence the GOT nickname.

What is an enzyme treatment and how does it work?

The DMK enzyme therapy treatment uses “transfer messenger enzymes” to work with the skin and provide “reverse osmosis.” It helps your skin to form its own natural antioxidants to fight free radicals, promotes oxygen flow throughout the skin, removes dead skin cells, and helps strengthen the skin’s structural integrity. All of this provides amazing anti-aging benefits to help with fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and cell turnover.

The mask, which takes 45 minutes to harden, exercises facial muscles (more on that below) and leaves skin plump, firm, and glowing.

How much does the treatment cost?

The standard 60-minute enzyme therapy treatment starts at around $150AUD. You can also get an enzyme therapy treatment specifically formulated to help with acne and pigmentation at some clinics, which will cost you around $250AUD.  

What was the treatment like?

The treatment is a multi-step process. First, Leanne prepped my skin with a gentle gentle amino acid exfoliant. She then covered my skin in cling wrap and hot towels to open my pores and help the exfoliant absorb. Next, she added a few drops of the DMK pore reduction drops and the DMK pigmentation reduction drops to my face.

And then, it was mask time!

This is when things got really interesting.

Leanne mixed the mask formula in front of me, explaining that every mask gets mixed by hand at the time of treatment to keep it fresh.

She then brushed it on my face, neck, and decolletage. The mask applies wet and cool. It did not tingle or irritate my skin. The mask can be safely applied very close to the eyes, including over the eyebrows and on the eyelids.

Now it was a waiting game.

The mask takes a full 45 minutes to dry and the drying process is like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

As the mask hardens, it tightens and pulls the skin to exercise facial muscles and promote oxygen flow. Leanne assured me this is not bad for the skin nor would it make my crows feet and fine lines any worse.

One of the most interesting aspects of this treatment is that you can actually feel your skin tingling and pulsing as the mask dries. It feels almost as if there’s a heartbeat pulsing through your face and neck. And this is what you want! This sensation means that blood is being drawn to the surface of the skin. I personally didn’t find this sensation uncomfortable and I quickly got used to it after a few minutes.

Is the treatment uncomfortable?

I only found the treatment mildly uncomfortable in the last few minutes when the mask was really tight and hard. It dries much thicker than any at-home mask or in-clinic treatment I’ve tried, which made it impossible to move my face. As a result, any areas that were tugging at a weird angle started to feel uncomfortable by the end. This is normal and the discomfort immediately goes away once it starts getting washed off.

And honestly, the photos of me with the mask fully dry were worth it!

How did your skin look and feel after?

The after-effect was amazing. I expected my skin to be very dry and irritated like it normally is after a hard mask like that, but it was the complete opposite.

My skin was supple, plump, and hydrated.

There were little red blood vessels popping up all over shoulders, chest, neck, and around my eyes. This is called the “plasmatic effect” and is a good sign! It means my capillaries had dilated from the treatment and my newly oxygenated blood was rushing through them.

To finish off, Leanne added a few drops of the DMK pore reduction and pigmentation reduction drops to my skin, followed by a serum, moisturiser, and SPF.

Anything else worth noting?

It’s been 4 days since I had the treatment and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my fine lines and crow’s feet. My skin is much plumper and more vibrant. This treatment is ideal for those who are not comfortable or interested in getting invasive anti-aging procedures or injectables.

If you have anxiety or get claustrophobic, we recommend a consultation first to see if you would be suitable for this treatment.

Would you try the Game of Thrones facial?

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