Hippie on the inside

Hippie on the inside

Sure, I can rock a pair of wellies, black polish and an old Nirvana tee at a music festival. But camp out in the sludgy rain, smelling like teen spirit? No, there’s a limit to how ‘out there’ and ‘alternative’ I can go. Which is why I surprised myself at the weekend by not only booking a Crystal Balance Facial, but also by quite liking it.

I usually take my skincare straight up and scientific, but Sam, the lovely therapist at Stone Soul in Balmain, instructed my left brain to take a rest for this facial. Organic Phyt’s products and thermotherapy techniques would take care of me on the visible surface, she explained, but this beauty treatment delves more than skin deep: “Of course placing a crystal on your forehead isn’t going to get rid of wrinkles or acne, but crystals add another dimension to beauty it’s just more intuitive than scientific.” Okay, then…

We began with breathing meditation and visualising a ball of light as it traversed my chakras. It was a challenge at first, but after a few minutes even my inner sceptic fell into a deep, dozy calm and, as Sam placed quartz crystals to envelop me in a ‘generator grid’ and activate the crystals upon my chakra points, I gave myself over to the experience. By the time the skincare got under way with serums, masks, French steam and a divine lymphatic drainage with warm and cool stones, I was so profoundly blissed out I’d forgotten I was there for a facial. 90 minutes later, I floated off the treatment table, skin refined, body recharged and mind a little more open.

I’m at least convinced that crystals call for more investigation, though I’m certainly not going to start sprouting The Secret and tie-dying my entire wardrobe just yet. Maybe just my undies…

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