Reviewed: The metabolism-boosting cryotherapy treatment

Reviewed: The metabolism-boosting cryotherapy treatment

Metabolism feeling a little sluggish? Muscles feeling tight and sore? It might be time to book yourself in for the latest wellness trend to hit Aussie salons – the cryotherapy treatment. beautyheaven’s Kate recently trialled the body-cooling treatment and can’t help but rave about it’s beauty and health benefits. Watch the video above to see how the treatment works, and checkout her full review below…

What treatment did you get and where?

“I was lucky enough to experience the latest health and wellness craze, cryotherapy, at Cryo in Edgecliff, Sydney.”

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From start to finish, what did the treatment involve?

“I was super excited to try cryotherapy after seeing some of my favourite celebrities (Jennifer Aniston and Real Housewives’ Lisa Vanderpump to name a few) embrace its benefits. As I walked into the sleek, stylish clinic I started to feel a little nervous. But after being greeted by the lovely Cryo girls, I knew I was in good hands.

Before the treatment, we had a quick discussion about my goals for cold therapy. Cryotherapy is said to be very beneficial for reducing muscle tension and aiding sports recovery, boosting the metabolism to help with weight loss, and flushing toxins from the skin to assist with anti-ageing. So what was I after? Um, all of that please! Given that it was my first time, I would be hopping into the cryotherapy chamber for the minimum time of 90 seconds, at the average temperature of minus 130 degrees. It sounds pretty full-on, but the Cryo girls assured me that it was standard for a first visit and that I could always end or extend the session at any time. Feeling reassured, I was shown into a little pod to get changed. There, I watched a quick video that explained the whole cryotherapy process and all the benefits of the treatment. I then stripped down to just my underwear and changed into a comfy white robe, gloves and ugg boots and pressed a button to indicate to my Cryo technician that I was ready to go.

My pod door slid open and my Cryo technician showed me to the cryotherapy chamber, taking my robe from me as I stepped up into the chilly Cryosauna. The technician then closed the door behind me, pressed a button and the Cryosauna came to life, filling with a fine nitrogen mist. I felt the temperature drop almost immediately – it felt like I was standing outside in the snow completely naked! My Cryo technician encouraged me to breathe deeply and keep my chin up above the mist as the temperature continued to plummet to minus 130 degrees. She made conversation with me while I stood in the chamber which kept my mind focused on something else besides the cold. Before I knew it, she was giving me a 10-second countdown to my 90 second finishing time and asking me if I wanted to extend. ‘No!’ screamed a voice inside my head almost immediately. But instead my competitive side took over and I found myself saying, ‘Yes!’ My time was extended by another 30 seconds, before I finally hopped out after two minutes and was taken back into my changing pod to get dressed.”

How did the treatment feel on your skin?

“It definitely wasn’t painful but it was COLD (obviously!). It felt like stepping into a freezer and I imagine it would be similar to having an ice bath. However, ice baths can be wet which is what makes them really unbearable and this was just an icy mist – no water in sight and so much better! I found my fingers were the most susceptible, despite the gloves I wore, so towards the end of the treatment I rested them on top of the Cryosauna and found the cold much easier to withstand.”

How did you feel immediately after the treatment?

“As soon as I got out and felt the blood and warmth rushing back to my body, I felt amazing! I got the biggest hit of endorphins and I immediately noticed all my aches and pains from the gym (especially in my lower back) had completely disappeared. I felt lighter, energised and I swear my skin looked plumper and rejuvenated.”

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How did you feel a couple of days after the treatment?

“There was no pain whatsoever and I continued to feel energised and rejuvenated for days after the session.”

What were the results like?

“My aches and pains never returned and I slept solidly in the nights following my treatment. I noticed that my energy levels continued to soar and I was really eager to get back to CRYO for my next session – it’s addictive.”

Who would you recommend this treatment for?

“Avid gym-goers who want a quick solution for muscle recovery, anyone experiencing joint inflammation or soreness, and those looking to jump-start their metabolism or detoxify their skin and body. I loved it – cryotherapy is definitely a treatment everyone should try!”

How much does the treatment cost?

“A single cryotherapy session will set you back around $90.”

For more information about cryotherapy or to book an appointment at Cryo, visit or call 1300 33 2796.

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