What exactly is fat-freezing and who is it best suited to?

What exactly is fat-freezing and who is it best suited to?

‘Fat-freezing’ is the latest non-surgical phenomenon amongst celebs, and yes, it’s exactly as it sounds.

Otherwise known as CoolSculpting, this treatment has quickly become the preferred non-invasive body contouring option for anyone looking to remove any stubborn and unwanted excess fat.. 

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While the term fat-freezing is fairly self-explanatory, it’s still worth understanding exactly how it works if you’re considering the treatment.

How does CoolSculpting work?

Using patented technology, CoolSculpting targets and destroys fat cells by using a current of energy that triggers the fat cell breakdown. The fat cells which are frozen during the procedure are then gradually eliminated from the body (for good) via natural processes. 

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What does a CoolSculpting session look like?

The non-invasive procedure kicks off with a consultation between yourself and a trained CoolSculpting technician, where you discuss the specific areas you’d like to reduce and eliminate fat from. From there you’ll receive a tailored treatment plan to meet your goals. 

Once you’re ready for your first session, you can breathe a sigh of relief in the comfort of a knife, needle and surgery-free environment. It’s just you, a gel pad and applicator to deliver the controlled cooling to the area you’ve specified (common areas include  under the chin, thigh, abdomen and flank AKA love handles).

Other popular areas for CoolSculpting include fat that sits around the back, upper arm or underneath the buttocks.

Who is the best candidate for CoolSculpting?

Although CoolSculpting works to reduce fat, it isn’t regarded as a ‘weight-loss solution’ for people who are obese or overweight. Those who do make strong candidates, however, are anyone with visible bulges or ‘overhang’ that they’d like to eliminate. 

For more information or a consultation with a trained CoolSculpting technician visit Laser Clinics Australia, here.

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Have you ever heard of fat freezing? Would you try it?

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