In the zone

In the zone

Madonna found hers at the Scottish castle where she wed Guy. I discovered mine at Sydney’s chic Establishment Hotel. So what do the illustrious guests at Skibo Castle and I have in common? Apart from the inability to travel anywhere without a lorry-load of luggage, we’ve shared almost-out-of-body bliss sessions in the Comfort Zone.

Comfort Zone is a luxury line of body and skincare used by some of the most deluxe day spas on the planet (like at Skibo), but it’s better described as a concept than a brand. It’s about sending you on a journey of sensorial pleasures with potions that smell divine and make you feel like a goddess. It’s about enveloping your whole body and soul in an indulgent cocoon where every tiny detail has been tailored to your experience. I had an Aromasoul Ambience Ritual body treatment that drew scents, techniques, sounds and even tastes from India, Arabia, the Orient and the Mediterranean to transport me to heaven and bring me back with glowing skin that felt like butter. Talk about being in the zone…

The only downer: A European concept, Comfort Zone is only new to Australia and spas are still being developed (Establishment Hotel’s Comfort Zone was just a demo, sadly). The silver lining: In the meantime, you can lavish yourself with spa-quality products at home. The Tranquility oil blends are to die for and the Monticelli Spa Mud makes detox (at least of the facial variety) a pleasure. And, hey, you could always take a trip to an international Comfort Zone spa, right? That sounds a reasonable compromise.

Then when Comfort Zone spas do start popping up at home, I promise not to keep them a secret. Beautyheaven will keep you posted. But only because there’s more than enough pampering to go around…

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