What you need to know about Clear + Brilliant laser

What you need to know about Clear + Brilliant laser

Glowing, bright skin is on every beauty-lover’s wish list. And while achieving it with a dusting of highlighter is all well and good, you can now get a gorgeous, natural glow from a treatment you can squeeze into your lunchbreak – Clear + Brilliant laser.

We sat down with Suzie Hoitink, founder of Clear Complexions Clinics, to get the lowdown on all the perks of this brightness-inducing treatment.

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What is Clear + Brilliant?

“Clear + Brilliant is perfect for anyone who wants to significantly refresh their skin, or prevent the signs of ageing – or both! It is a fractionated laser that delivers even and precise laser resurfacing on the skin to reveal fresh, smoother, healthier, glowing skin.”

Who is Clear + Brilliant best suited to, and what skin type/concerns would benefit the most?

“Clear + Brilliant is so versatile – it can deliver an outstanding result for all skin types and colours. Clients with pigmentation, dull skin, open pores and dehydration will find Clear + Brilliant significantly improves their skin. For the busy person who wants results, the Clear + Brilliant is an absolute must try – the only downfall is that you will find it as addictive as I do.”

From start to finish, what does the treatment involve?

“Firstly our nurses perform an hour-long Clear Complexions Skin Consultation, which includes skin imaging to assess your suitability for Clear + Brilliant. After the appropriate photography has been performed, our nurses apply a topical numbing cream to the area being treated, usually the face. Once this has taken effect, one of our highly skilled nurses will expertly guide the Clear + Brilliant handpiece across the surface of your skin to deliver a uniform application. Immediately afterwards, your skin may appear red and look a bit sunburnt. By the next day your skin will feel slightly rough and by a week later you will notice visibly clearer and softer skin.”

How should the client’s skin feel during the treatment?

“During the treatment there is a mild sensation of hot pinpricks which is completely tolerable.”

How long does the treatment take?

“It will take 30 minutes to complete a session, once the analgesia has taken effect.”

How should the client’s skin feel after the treatment?

“Post treatment, there is the sensation of a moderate sunburn for two hours, after which the skin is slightly sensitive.”

Is there any downtime? If so, how long, and what can you expect to see during this downtime?

“The downtime is minimal and limited to the hours after the procedure where you have reddened skin, similar to sunburn. In some cases there may be mild swelling, albeit rare. This will be resolved by the following morning.”

How many treatments do you recommend to see best results?

“I love my clients to do a series of four [treatments], spaced fortnightly initially, by which time they are usually completely addicted! After that, most will opt to have the treatment monthly ongoing.”

How long after the treatment do you see the best results, and what sort of results should you see?

“You will see a significant improvement in the smoothness of your skin and the natural glow after a week. It is impossible not to notice it.”

How does Clear + Brilliant differ from other anti-ageing in-salon treatments?

“While the Clear + Brilliant can never take the place of its big sister, the Fraxel in terms of collagen production and resurfacing, it does punch above its weight in regards to most other anti-ageing treatments that have little to no downtime. We often use the Clear + Brilliant in conjunction with many of the other 18 different technologies we offer at Clear Complexions and in doing so, deliver far superior results, individualised for our clients.”

Stay tuned for bh’s Astrid’s review of Clear + Brilliant…

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For more information about Clear + Brilliant laser or to book a consultation, visit clearcomplexions.com.au.

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