I tried a cellulite treatment and it actually worked!

I tried a cellulite treatment and it actually worked!

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If you’ve ever looked up ‘how to get rid of cellulite,’ you’ll probably be left feeling like there’s no hope. Most of us have dimples, yet the odds are stacked against us when it comes to finding an effective cellulite treatment. Cellulite happens to all of us, no matter our dress size, and although there are countless creams and lotions claiming to be a miracle cure – most will do nothing more than your average body moisturiser.

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In my own quest to find out how to get rid of cellulite, I wanted to know how celebrities dealt with their cellulite woes. Surely, the Kardashians aren’t immune to dimpled skin, right? Turns out, they’re not – they just have access to pretty incredible treatments that sculpt, smooth and reshape your body to get you bikini ready in rapid timing. While these treatments claim to be effective, they’re not cheap.

I visited the Body Sculpting Clinics, to find out if celebrity cellulite treatments are worth the splurge.

Initial consultation

The team at the Body Sculpting Clinics recommend having a complimentary consultation before deciding on a treatment plan. I love this because a ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t going to work for all body types. At my consultation I mentioned that despite working out, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight range, I still struggled with cellulite and the dreaded banana roll (stubborn fat underneath the buttocks). It’s important to note that there are various treatments you can have to address your unique concerns, so the initial consultation is key in choosing the right one for you.

I was prescribed a combined treatment of Ultrasound Therapy (HIFU), RF Skin Tightening, and Cryolipolysis. The next step was to lock in ten appointments in total, including two treatments of Cryolipolysis, two treatments of HIFU and eight treatments of RF.

The treatment

During the first appointment, the amazing team at Body Sculpting Clinics weighed me so that at the end of my plan I could be weighed again to make sure the results were purely from the treatments.

First up, I had a session of Cryolipolysis – this was the most intense part of the treatment plan. Cryolipolysis is a permanent form of fat loss and was used to target my banana roll. The applicators were specifically placed over the small layer of fat to help reduce fat and give the appearance of a butt lift. Full disclosure: This one hurt. Not a lot, but you can feel it freezing your fat cells. It’s almost like a slight stinging. Since you’re lying down during the treatment, I distracted myself by watching Netflix on my phone (beauty is pain, right?).

Next, was RF Skin Tightening. This was my favourite part of the whole experience! It feels like someone is massaging your butt and thighs with hot stones. At some points it gets a little hot, but for the most part it’s very relaxing. RF reinforces your skin’s supportive elements to firm and plump the skin. The firming element was crucial for my treatment plan in restructuring and shaping my inner thighs. Honestly, I didn’t think this part was necessary at first but I am SO glad I listened to the team at the clinic and tried it.

The final treatment was HIFU which is a very strange but a necessary part of the treatment plan. It uses micro and macro focused ultrasound to promote collagen stimulation and long-term tightening of the skin. It’s completely painless, but the sound of the machine takes some getting used to.

The results

I have to say, I was sceptical about the treatments. As a Beauty Editor I know that most products which claim to rid cellulite are usually a gimmick. Plus, my cellulite was quite minor so I wasn’t expecting the results to be overly dramatic. During the treatment plan, I thought I could notice an improvement but I wasn’t sure if it was just positive thinking. I had to wait 12 weeks after my final treatment before I could go back to Body Sculpting Clinics for my review. When I finally saw my before photos and compared them to my after photos, I was shocked. Honestly, I didn’t think the results would be that obvious! My backside was completely reshaped and sculpted. My buttocks looked more lifted and the banana roll had practically vanished. I weighed the same at my review as I did when I had my initial treatment and I’d made no other changes to my routine. This is definitely how celebrities get a dimple-free booty.

You’re probably wondering how much it costs to try something like this and honestly, I can’t give you an exact number. Since every treatment plan is customised, prices vary. However, an initial consultation at the Body Sculpting Clinic is free so it’s worth having a chat to their experienced team to see what would work for you.

To find out more about the Body Sculpting Clinics, click here

Would you try a celebrity cellulite treatment like this? Do you swear by any products to banish cellulite?

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