How 10 Celebrities Looked Before And After Getting (Suspected) Lip Filler

How 10 Celebrities Looked Before And After Getting (Suspected) Lip Filler

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Lip fillers are still a hot topic in 2022. 

After all, lip plumping products can only do so much, and for some, injectibles can be seen as the only way to achieve the desired level of fullness. 

If you’re considering it, doing your research is vital. Results can vary dramatically depending on the amount of mls injected, and where the filler is placed. 

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Take the celebrities in the gallery below for example.

Some have gone for a mega-pillowy pout, while others appear to have had subtle enhancements that make for a natural difference. That, or they just know of some really good plumping tricks – we’ll let you be the judge…

Anna Faris: Before lip filler

Like a lot of us, Anna had a full bottom lip, but was lacking a little volume up top…

Anna Faris: After lip filler

Today, her lips are a lot more even in volume and her top lip no longer disappears when she smiles. It could also be the work of a lip flip, which involved Botox rather than filler. 

Chrissy Teigen: Before lip filler

Chrissy has always been naturally beautiful, modelling for Sports Illustrated long before we knew her as the funny, food-loving, mum-of-two she is now.

Chrissy Teigen: After lip filler

Aside from not having aged a day, Chrissy’s lips look slightly plumper these days. Question is, filler or just a damn good gloss?

Olivia Munn: Before lip filler

Olivia Munn hasn’t changed too much over the years…

Olivia Munn: After lip filler

But after stepping out at the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party, we couldn’t help but notice her smile looking juicier than usual. 

Charlotte Crosby: Before lip filler

The UK reality TV star got her start on Geordie Shore before hitting the jungle, and she looked a whole lot different back then too. 

Charlotte Crosby: After lip filler

The 29-year-old has been pretty open about her transformation, which includes a nose job as well as her lips. 

Ellie Goulding: Before lip filler

We wouldn’t say Ellie Goulding was lacking in lip volume to begin with…

Ellie Goulding: After lip filler

But now she’s got plenty of pout to play with. 

Megan Fox: Before lip filler

The jury is out on whether Megan has actually had filler or not…

Megan Fox: After lip filler

But if she has, we want her doctor’s number – stat!

Huda Kattan: Before lip filler

Huda Kattan is incredibly honest about all the enhancements she’s had, inlcuding a nose job, breast augmentation and…

Huda Kattan: After lip filler

Your guessed it: lip fillers. Huda wrote about her entire experience on her blog, including her decision to have them removed last year.

Khloe Kardashian: Before lip filler

While her younger sister may have been the first to admit to lip fillers, we believe Koko is partial the tweakment too.

Khloe Kardashian: After lip filler

Although it could just be the illusion of a certain nude lip product…

Kylie Jenner: Before lip filler

Of course, we couldn’t have a lip filler gallery without including the woman who created an entire empire from it. 

Kylie Jenner: After lip filler

And while she may have once considered dissolving her infamous filler, it seems it’s here to stay. At least for now. 

Kendall Jenner: Before lip filler

Perhaps the lesser suspecting sister, Kendall’s lips have also steadily increased in volume since she’s been in the spotlight. 

Kendall Jenner: After lip filler

While the transformation is more subtle than Kylie’s, you can’t deny they’re plumper than they once were.

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Have you ever considered lip filler?

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  1. I like natural fullness of lips as compared to lip fillers. Lip fillers looks so made up and pout looks like bitten/ sting by some an insect. Not my cup of tea at all

  2. If lip filler can change the shape of my top lip so it doesn't slope down so much, I would and have considered it. I don't like big blown up lips, but I would love to have my top lip changed a little bit.

  3. I would consider lip fillers and wouldn't say no in the future to getting them. I've seen some really natural before and afters where you wouldn't even know they have been done. With the photos, I think Kendall's lips are just overdrawn rather than fillers in her comparison shot though.

  4. I am not sure that all of these ladies had fillers or surgery. With Anna Faris that could be muscle training, when I was younger my top lip was smaller and I learned to push it down now it is used to that position and stays down.

    Ellie Goulding did not need to do anything so I am not sure why she did fill them in, they were fine before.

    Of everyone there who had something done Megan Fox's end result looks the best and the most natural.

  5. My lips are not a bad size so no, I will not consider lip fillers and if I wanted them to look bigger I am sure I can achieve that with an illusion with lipstick and pencil.

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