What 9 Celebrities Looked Like Before And After Getting Veneers

What 9 Celebrities Looked Like Before And After Getting Veneers

Those who had braces (and maybe even full head gear?) throughout their teens will know that being born with a great smile is like winning the genetic lottery. 

And while we’re incredibly lucky to now have (basically) invisible options like Invisalign and  EZ SMILE® Clear Aligners to straighten us out, some people still opt for cosmetic dental surgery.

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Veneers is one such treatment that’s pretty popular in Hollywood, usually involving ultra-thin porcelain being bonded to the front of existing teeth to perfect the shape of each tooth and whiten the smile.

Here are just some of the celebs who have (reportedly) had the procedure to enhance (and in some cases, completely transform) their smile…

Demi Moore before veneers

Sorry for the unflattering angle Demi, but it shows off your pre-veener gnashers perfectly. 

Demi Moore after veneers

We’ll make it up to you by posting this flattering pic that really highlights your newer and incredibly straight smile. 

Emma Roberts before veneers

Being related to one of the best smiles in the world (Julia Roberts) must come with a multitude of pressures.

Emma Roberts after veneers

But Emma and her pearly whites are certainly giving her aunty a run for her money. 

Ciarran Stott before veneers

When Ciarran first appeared on our screens for The Bachelorette, his natural teeth were straight and understated. 

Ciarran Stott after veneers

For his triumphant return to Bachelor in Paradise, Ciarran’s chompers appeared a little whiter, brighter and bigger, after visiting Vogue Dental Studios for the treatment.

Emma Watson before veneers

In the later Harry Potter years, Emma became a closed-mouth smiler…

Emma Watson after veneers

But now she’s back to grinning with full force again and we love it!

Hilary Duff before veneers

OG teeth on the OG Lizzie McGuire. 

Hilary Duff after veneers

New teeth for the reboot. 

Jordyn Woods before veneers

Before that scandal, Jordyn Woods was mostly known for her modelling, with a gorgeous gap-toothed smile.

Jordyn Woods after veneers

But it seems she’s forgone it in favour of a new set of chompers. 

Miley Cyrus before veneers

After leaving the Disney channel and Hannah Montana behind, a platinum pixie cut wasn’t the only appearance update Miley opted for…

Miley Cyrus after veneers

With a few tweaks to her teeth to make them whiter and brighter (but still pretty natural looking).

Niall Horan before veneers

Our favourite Irishman had to do a lot of growing up in the spotlight… 

Niall Horan after veneers

But it seems he was able to escape any (visible) braces. 

Zac Efron before veneers

The then High School Musical heart throb appears to have closed his adorable front gap before…

Zac Efron after veneers

Going the whole way with this fantastic set of sparkling teeth. 

Do you know much about veneers? Would you consider any cosmetic dental surgery?

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  1. Some of these only needed their teeth whitened, going with veneers for all your teeth costs a lot. I know, I have had a couple and at around $1500 per tooth some years ago that is a huge expense. No doubt these stars can afford it too, but they are not as strong as natural teeth and do need that extra care and maintenance, just a bit more than natural teeth. When we see them on tv it is easy to pick too, far too bright, yet yellowing teeth do look worse.

  2. I actually really like my teeth, minus the fact that two of my front teeth have gone back over top my other two (I had a retainer ages ago from behind that had pushed them down) but sadly came back over top.

    I would do a gentle amount of whitening but some of these are very over the top.

  3. I’ve spent that much money maintaining my teeth, root canals, fillings, crowns etc.
    You would think I would at least have a dazzling smile. I have occasionally used whitening toothpaste, but never had any straightening or false teeth.

  4. whaaat had no idea some of these celebs have had veneers because some of them have such natural looking work done. Like Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus I thought they just naturally have great teeth

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