Read this before getting your brows tattooed

Read this before getting your brows tattooed

Cosmetic tattooing is nothing new, but its popularity has certainly grown since thin, barely-there brows went out with the 90s and the 00s left us all wanting fuller, bushier face framers.

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Enter: Brow tattooing. A type of feathering or shading tattooing that imprints hair-like strokes onto the skin with ink, for permanently fuller brows.

You may have heard of it, or even seen some photos of the results, but there are a few things you should know before booking an appointment…

#1 It’s an ongoing treatment

It’s ‘permanent’ in the way that it won’t wash off or smudge, but unfortunately it doesn’t last forever. Rita Porreca from the Sydney Permanent Make-up Centre recommends touch-ups every two years. “It can last between two and four years depending on your lifestyle – there are many factors that can cause it to fade [such as] the sun, swimming, skin care and medication.”

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Maddi, who has alopecia and recently had her brows tattooed at Lux Brows and Lashes in Melbourne, says she was recommended to come in for touch-ups every 12-18 months to keep her brows looking fresh. So while the timing may vary depending on your own unique situation, overall you will need further appointments to keep the look maintained.

#2 Go for what suits you, not what’s on trend

While big and bold brows have been all the rage lately, trends always change. So when you’re getting something that will last you more than a year, take into consideration what suits your face shape, as well as your everyday make-up. There’s no point getting something that only looks good when paired with a smoky eye and false lashes.

Rita says, “I always do measurements to get the right thickness and shape – the face shape is very important to achieve the desired look. I draw the shape on with make-up so clients can see how the brows will look before [the treatment].”

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As for choosing the right shade, Maddi recommends starting light. “I had my initial treatment and then a touch-up treatment four-six weeks later,” she says. “So if you do want to go darker with the colour you can build up the colour in the second appointment.” She also says the colour will appear darker for the first week after the treatment as it settles into the skin.

#3 It’s not as painful as a tattoo, but you do feel it

Considering it is essentially tattooing the face, there’s bound to be some discomfort. However, Rita says they use numbing cream throughout the procedure and at the Sydney Permanent Make-up Centre, the actual tattooing only takes about 20 minutes.

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On a scale of one-10, Maddi rates the pain of the treatment as a four. “A numbing cream was applied before and throughout the treatment to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. There is a slight sting and what feels like a repetitive scratching on your skin.”

#4 Post-care is needed

There is no downtime after the treatment, however as mentioned by Maddi, the colour can appear darker for the first five-10 days and during this time extra care needs to be taken to ensure the best results.

Rita says she gives every client an after-care kit and instructions to take home, while Maddi says, “I had to keep my brows dry for the first week after treatment.”

The above before and after was supplied by Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre. The after was taken straight after the tattooing and the colour will fade by 30 per cent.

Have you ever considered brow tattooing? Or any other cosmetic tattooing?

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