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Did you know that two out of 10 Australian women aged between 30 and 54 have tried either Botox or fillers and now have them as a regular part of their regular beauty regime? If you’re not one of those women, you’re probably asking yourself why these women would subject themselves to regular injections all in the name of beauty – it’s because it actually works!

I recently decided to have some fillers (Juvederm was my choice) and you really can’t argue with results – they’re practically instantaneous and are effective for up to eight months, depending on how deep your lines are. ”¨I personally had major issues with my fast developing ‘mannequin lines’ (the lines that run from your nostril to your chin) so sought the expert advice of the fabulous Dr William Mooney, a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon.

What I learnt from Dr Mooney was that before you even think about booking a procedure, you need to do your research on the doctor. I can’t stress this enough, we’ve all see examples of women having botched Botox jobs and way too much injected in their lips. With Botox and fillers I’d say less is more, but your doctor should chat to you about your concerns and ask what you would like to achieve, before doing anything. Dr Mooney was very careful to point out that my fillers would look more natural if I left the dimple in my chin and just smoothed out the lines that run from my nose down the side of my mouth.

After numbing the side of my mouth with a small ice pack, Dr Mooney told me I would feel a small pin prick (which turned out was not nearly as scary as having my blood taken.) He injected the Juvederm Filler and gently moulded it into the desired places – and next thing I knew he handed me a mirror and I could see the immediate results! I have to say it was an amazing difference – I really felt like I had taken years off and my confidence has since improved too!  Unfortunately I didn’t think to take any photos of myself, but the photos above are some before and after shots of what it can look like if you have the lines around your mouth filled.

Dr William Mooney gives us the quick facts on fillers:

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a facial filler used for contouring. It can be used to plump lips, or plump or replace other areas of the face where fat/tissue has decreased.

What’s the downtime?

Zero down time, but some minor bruising can occur, so treatment immediately before a big event or important meeting is not ideal!

What are the risk factors?

Possible bruising and slight swelling, yet this subsides within 24-48 hours. Infection can be another risk, yet a small antibiotic dose given on day of treatment will prevent this.

Approximate cost?

$880 per 1mL syringe

For more information or to book an appointment with Dr William Mooney call 1300 379 455 or email

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Have you had or would you ever have Botox or fillers? Why or why not?

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