The most popular tiny tattoos on Pinterest

The most popular tiny tattoos on Pinterest

A tattoo sleeve isn’t for everyone, but the small tattoo trend could convince even the most reluctant among us to get inked.

If you’ve always wanted a tattoo but have been too afraid to make the commitment, then tiny tattoos could be the perfect compromise. They are discreet, delicate and can be your own little secret.

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Have I managed to convince you? Now just comes the big question: which small tattoo do you want?

I got my own tiny tattoo a couple of years ago when I was visiting Copenhagen during a five-week trip around Europe (don’t worry I did my research in advance!). I knew I wanted a wrist tattoo and I wanted it to be of an anchor, but I needed to find the perfect illustration of what I wanted to hand to the tattooist. Pinterest to the rescue.

I spent weeks in the lead up to my trip looking for the perfect anchor tattoo on Pinterest, and it turns out I’m not the only one. In the Pinterest 100 Report “tiny tatts” were listed as one of the 100 top trends for 2018, they also reported saves for “finger tattoos” increased 252%.

To help get you started on your search for the perfect tiny tattoo we’ve compiled some of the most popular tiny tatt pins on Pinterest to inspire you.

1. Tiny music note tattoo

2. Tiny sun and moon tattoo

3. Tiny star finger tattoo

4. Tiny lotus tattoo

5. Tiny mountain tattoo

6. Tiny rose tattoo

7. Tiny flower tattoo

8. Tiny anchor tattoo

9. Tiny planet and stars tattoo

Which tiny tattoo would you get?

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