Best natural remedies for healthier hair

Best natural remedies for healthier hair

Your hair is one of your best accessories. When you’re heading out to a fancy dinner, you might create an updo to complement your dress. Or maybe you’re going out to lunch with your girlfriends and a fishtail braid is the perfect way to finish off your casual-chic look.

And that’s why it’s so incredibly frustrating when your hair just isn’t working for you. It seems superficial, but there’s nothing that can put you in a slump quite like misbehaving hair can – whether it’s frizzy, dull, or perhaps it’s not as thick as you’d like it.

But you don’t have to suffer from bad hair days any more. Here are four surprising ingredients that can help solve your hair woes and the hair care products where you can find them.

“Help! My hair is thinning!”
The answer: turmeric

Sure, turmeric tastes delicious when added to a curry, but it’s also a fantastic ingredient to add to your hair care routine too. Celebrated for centuries in the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda, the spice helps to energise and rehabilitate the scalp around the follicle when massaged in making it perfect for tackling thinning hair and hair loss. Not only this, but turmeric actually helps prevent further fall-out, meaning that you can hold onto those precious strands while new ones are growing.

Your hair saviour: AVEDA Invati™

The AVEDA Invati™ range, which includes an Exfoliating Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, and a Scalp Revitalizer, is your magic remedy for thicker, fuller hair. Featuring a potent potion of organic turmeric and ginseng, Invati helps reduce hair loss from breakage by 33 per cent and also helps you keep the hair you have for longer. Best used together, the Invati system packs a powerful punch to strengthen your locks, improve elasticity and minimise breakage. Time to get spicy!

“Help! My hair is too frizzy!
The answer: tamanu oil

Tamanu oil comes from herbal trees in South East Asia and Polynesia and has more than a few beauty benefits. It can be used as an antiseptic, helps heal sunburn, leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised and, most importantly, it helps keep hair frizz free. Its nourishing properties work to ensure your hair and scalp are sufficiently moisturised, meaning your hair is left looking smooth and sleek.

You hair saviour: AVEDA Smooth Infusion™

This system helps smooth hair and leaves it feeling softer, silkier and looking gloriously sleek. The Smooth Infusion™ Shampoo and Conditioner feature the frizz-fighting tamanu oil, as well as Certified Organic babassu oil which helps manage frizz. There’s also a blend of organic aloe, maize and guar bean that works to smooth the surface of the hair cuticle. The result – beautiful smooth, sleek hair!

“Help! My hair is so damaged!”
The answer: quinoa

Before you run and rub quinoa all over your hair, it’s important you know that it first needs to be hydrolysed, which is just science speak for broken down. Once that happens, the protein-packed ingredient helps to repair damage done to your hair by penetrating the shaft and strengthening it from the inside. It also works wonders to hydrate your scalp and improve overall shine.

Your hair saviour: AVEDA Damage Remedy™

Intense heat from a hair dryer and straightening iron or curler can leave your hair a little stressed, so the best way to help bring your locks back to their former glory is a daily dose of AVEDA’s Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo, Restructuring Conditioner and Daily Hair Repair and a weekly application of the Intensive Restructuring Treatment. Your hard work will mean your hair is stronger, healthier, and shinier.

“Help! My colour is fading!”
The answer:  wintergreen oil

This handy dandy oil acts as a natural UV filter, meaning your freshly coloured hair will be safe from colour fade that can occur when you’re outdoors. The UVA and UVB protection also ensures your hair is also safe from the damage the sun can do to the quality of your hair. Double win!

Your hair saviour: AVEDA Color Conserve™

Wintergreen oil (combined with some cinnamon bark oil) plays an important part in the Shampoo and Conditioner in the Color Conserve range and will keep your hair safe from the sun’s rays. And because this range is all about protecting your hair colour, make sure to try the Color Conserve Daily Color Protect, which forms a film to seal in your colour and help it appear more vibrant.

What’s your biggest hair concern? Do you look for hair products that will target your hair concerns?

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