Everyone deserves a little luxe

Everyone deserves a little luxe

If anyone is in need, or more deserving, of a little bit of luxury it’s mums. Yet because mums spend so much time looking after everyone else, there’s rarely a spare minute in the day to take time out for themselves.

But you won’t hear us complaining! Okay, maybe just a little! However, what you might hear is “I can’t afford luxury”. While it’s true that plush things can be pricey, not everything luxe in life needs to cost a pretty packet.

What is luxury? Ask five friends and see how varied the answers are.  One might say a month on a five-star cruise – without the kids, of course! But for another (especially if they get sea sick) a cruise is far from luxury.

As a mum myself, taking a 20-minute uninterrupted bath is not only bliss, but a luxury too. Driving a car that doesn’t have milk stains all over the back seat and bits of Vegemite sandwich in the footwell is deluxe. Grabbing 30-minutes ‘me time’ to shop for a new lippy is lavish. And having nicely tonged hair without bits of food stuck to my locks is luxurious…

So a little bit of luxury needn’t mean maxing your credit card or breaking the bank. Not convinced?

1. Try a ten-minute mani (available at NailSpa in David Jones) or sweet talk hubby into taking the kids to the park and while they’re gone treat yourself to a DIY manicure (glass of bubbly compulsory!)
2. Indulge in an express facial
3. Pop to the beach for a swim. Alone. And in summer – unless you’re completely mad
4. Go to the gym for a workout and stay an extra 15 minutes for a sauna
5. Enjoy some time out in a warm bubble bath with scented candles for added ambience. You won’t want to get out!

See, so it is possible to get luxe for less.

What does luxury mean for you?

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