Hilarious stories from beauty therapists


What would we do without beauty therapists? Who would tame our unruly eyebrows, wax off our unwanted hair and listen to our endless rants about love, work and family? They take care of our beauty business on the reg and with a job like that, it’s no surprise beauty therapists have some pretty hilarious and colourful stories to share. Here are some of the best (and hilariously awkward) ones we’ve found. Enjoy!

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“Having to touch someone’s feet when you have podophobia (fear or anxiety about feet) brings on cold sweats and panic attacks. I once did a pedicure on a woman who only had nine toes as a result of an ‘accident’ involving her brother and a sharp axe.” – Where’s My Glow

”I was plucking a client’s eyebrows. Everything was going fine until her eyes started to screw up really tight. I thought it was just because of the pain from her brows so [I] brushed it off. Turns out that wasn’t the case at all. Right when my face was close to hers, she did this ENORMOUS sneeze, all over my face. At first we were both overcome with shock, but then we both started laughing our heads off and tried our best to finish the treatment, [which was] a hard task.” – Salons Direct top 5 beauty therapist stories 

“In waxing training my friend’s husband came in for a back wax. He was as nervous as me. I was still learning and when I made a mistake I said ‘whoops’ really loudly. He looked up nervously and gave me a little piece of advice which I never forgot – ‘Never say ‘whoops’ with wax in your hand!’” – Belinda Hughes, Natural Beauty Expert

“I’ve had clients break wind while waxing their behind on more than one occasion. It’s always SO awkward and neither of us know what to do. I just have to try and stay professional but it’s usually extremely hard not to giggle.” – Jordan from Aston Medispa

“While cutting a gent’s hair I noticed he had a very red angry rash on his face. I asked what on earth he’d done. He told me that a couple of days earlier he’d overslept, quickly grabbed a pink razor out of the cabinet and gave himself a dry shave. His skin went really red throughout the day and when he got home his wife asked [him] what had he done, so he told her… Her response was, ‘Oh that’s the dog’s razor’, which she uses to keep his ‘rear end’ short and clean as his long fur gets matted when he goes to [the] toilet. The poor guy!” – Salons Direct top 5 beauty therapist stories 

“I once had a young girl come in for a massage and the grime around her neck made me want to puke. When she piped up with, ‘If you see any ticks just flick them off, I’ve just come back from camping’, a little bit of my soul died.” – Where’s My Glow

“Once my appointments got moved around last minute and no one told me. I had set the room up for a tan and came in to a confused client who thought it was a new way to Brazilian wax.” – Belinda Hughes, Natural Beauty Expert

“My teacher in Cosmetology school told our class a story to remind us to never use the same stick twice while waxing a client. Someone she knew got herpes on her face because the Cosmetologist who did her wax used the same stick for a Brazilian wax on someone else before her. Needless to say, I’ve never used the same stick twice!” – Reddit user Kersu

“When I worked in a salon, I asked my regular customer (who was in her 80s) if she enjoyed having sets, bearing in mind she used to come [in] for a shampoo and set once a week. My customer heard wrong and replied ‘I don’t have a husband anymore’. After my face turned bright red she then realised what I had really said, luckily we both laughed it off and so did the rest of the salon!” – Salons Direct top 5 beauty therapist stories

Have you had any hilarious in-salon experiences?

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