Beauty is only skin deep…

Beauty is only skin deep…

And so is the pain. Trust us, having tried just about every kind of hair removal and chemical peel out there we know what it’s like to suffer for your art.

But that’s all about to change now that we’ve seen the light and started using emla®.

emla® is the world’s most widely used local anaesthetic cream (over 200 million people have used it over the last 20 years). It’s applied to the skin to alleviate, numb or minimise pain associated with lots of things us girls (and guys) put ourselves through in the name of beauty: laser, IPL, electrolysis, waxing, microdermabrasion, collagen injections and various other cosmetic procedures.

So next time you’re booking in for a beautician’s appointment, be sure to apply emla®, you can do it in the privacy of your own home prior to your appointment so no one need know (they’ll just think you’re super brave or have a mega high pain threshold!). With emla® you can have the confidence that your monthly waxing visit needn’t be dreaded and painful. It’s the local anaesthetic that everyone’s talking about.

Most procedures require an application time of approximately one hour. For more painful procedures or sensitive areas longer application times are recommended. The anaesthetic effect lasts for two hours.

emla® is available in convenient patches and cream and can be purchased without a prescription from pharmacies including online pharmacies.

Note: emla® is a Schedule 2 Pharmacy Medicine and should be requested from your pharmacist.  (emla® is not stocked on general display shelves).

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