Aldi’s $90 massage gun is an exact dupe of the $900 version

Aldi’s $90 massage gun is an exact dupe of the $900 version

As anyone who’s ever stayed up late enough to see Danoz Direct can attest, the novelty of getting new gadgets wears off pretty darn quick. (See: the Ab Circle Pro currently gathering dust at the back of my garage.) Every now and then though, one crops up with real staying power. Enter Aldi’s $90 massage gun.

Courtesy of the German retailer’s Special Buys range, the product is essentially a cheaper version of the Theragun which retails for $899 in Aus. It comes with five interchangeable heads and three intensity settings, depending on your desired pressure and the muscles you want to target.

Source: Aldi

It originally went on sale back in January and quickly garnered cult-like status for its ability to effectively ease pain and tightness without breaking the bank. 

“What a bargain, these things are so expensive usually,” one person wrote on Facebook. “This is the last thing you would think of Aldi selling,” another added, explaining they’d paid a pretty penny for a similar product. One fan admitted she uses hers every day and it “works a treat.”

As for the other items featured in this month’s fitness-themed sale? A boxing tower and bag ($199),  exercise bike ($199) and compression tights (starting at $14.99).

We know how we’ll be spending this lockdown (sorry, wallet!) This promotion will be running in-store as of August 15.

What’s your go-to way to ease muscle pain? 

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  1. Aldi always has some Awesome Deals on everything and they are only for a limited time. Really love some of Aldi’s Cloth Masks they make your skin feel wonderful.

    This Massager sounds great will check it out in Aldi.

  2. It looks like a power tool. I doubt it would be good for the back of my neck.

    I do yoga stretches &, if necessary, a hot water bottle when I’ve got muscle aches. A bath with magnesium salts is soothing, too.

  3. I have a thing like that I got as a gift for Chrissy. I know what you mean – I haven’t had a chance to use it yet – it’s one of those foot bath massager pool things that you plug in. Maybe now I remembered about it from reading your comment I’ll pull it out of the cupboard this weekend! ; )

  4. My parents have two of those electric massagers and I guess they use it on and off but it’s best to put it where you can see it otherwise out of sight out of mind.

  5. Wow!! That looks amazing!! I love massages especially, now with working from home I feel like my posture is a tiny bit worse at home and been feeling it in my muscles a lot more (either that or I am just feeling my age) haha

  6. Aldi has some amazing stuff sometimes!

    Me personally, I’d prefer the real deal over what appears to be a somewhat frightening contraption, but whatever floats your boat. For now I’ll stick to massaging in some magnesium oil spray stuff whenever my muscles tense up.

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