Achey breaky heart

Achey breaky heart

Yesterday beauties, I ran the City2Surf for the first time ever. I know, hard to believe given that I’d take beauty over bicep curls any day of the week.

It was difficult, but so, so much fun. Well that’s what I thought yesterday. For today, I am in a whole new world of pain. That’s why I’m relying on these little beauties to get me through the day…

GOANNA Heat Cream – the Trial Team raved about this, and I can see why. It provides relief for muscle aches and tightness, arthritis and back pain in an instant. Next year I’ll be sure to slather some on before the race.

HERRON Fish Oil 1000mg – I take fish oil daily as it helps to keep an active brain, but did you also know that it can assist in the relief of joint inflammation and provide a healthy complexion? Yes indeedy. So be sure to take these daily – and don’t worry, they don’t taste of fish.

Boiron Arnica Gel and Pillules – this is a natural solution to bruises (which thankfully I don’t have), muscle aches and stiffness (which I definitely do have). The capsules work to reduce the pain, inflammation and discomfort associated with muscular trauma, while the non-sticky gel reduces swelling and discolouration from bruises and falls, of which there were plenty yesterday.

Natio for Men Muscle Soothing Heat Rub – okay so this is for the boys, but I’ve been using it too – I’m quite a fan of men’s products; Miranda Kerr uses some of the Clinique Skin Supplies For Men range so if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me. This uses peppermint, warming menthol and ginger to help stimulate circulation and relieve stiffness.

So here’s hoping I’m in tip-top condition by tomorrow

What are your tips for comforting a tired, aching body?

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