Every Skincare Question You’ve Ever Wanted To Ask Zoë Foster Blake, Answered


From break ups to beauty advice, there is no one Aussie women turn to more for the answers in life than beauty magnate Zoë Foster Blake. Or ZFB to her friends… which unfortunately, we’re not (yet). 

After spending a decade as a beauty editor, penning several successful books and building a skin care business with a cult-like following, Zoë is hands down one of the most trusted and respected voices in beauty. 

Given the opportunity to talk to Zoë, we were finally able to grill her on everything her years in the industry has taught her about skin care. 

Knowledge is power, so hopefully, after this, we’ll all be on the express route to the famous Foster-Blake glow.   

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What skin care tips would you give to your 20-year-old self if you had the chance?

1. Wear SPF every day. And more hats.

2. Research and ask questions about skin care, don’t just buy stuff off the shelf or because your flatmate uses it, and expect miracles.

3. Invest in a few good products that are actually gonna look after your skin, rather than strip it and harass it and make it wig out. Protection and prevention is better than repairing.

4. Skin care is an act of self-love! Have fun with it.

5. See number 1.

What has been a) your favourite and b) your least favourite skin care trend from the last three years?

My favourite is the democratisation of the beauty industry. The consumer holds the power, and brands have to listen, and stay accountable. Only good can come from transparency.

My least favourite is the more is more mantra. Each to their own, but in my opinion, stronger acids and more of them, and an avalanche of products and steps each morning and night, does not equal better skin.

What does your skin care prep look like the week before a big event?

I will get a professional treatment, like DermaFusion, or a lactic peel combined with LED, to do the heavy lifting. 

Then, on the day, I will always use our Transformazing sheet mask. It gives a post-facial glow, and makes my makeup sit perfectly. I can’t recommend it enough, pre-shoot or event. (Or if you have been on a flight or your kids have woken you up 400x overnight or you’re hungover etc etc.)  It gives instant plump, glowing skin (Transformazing Sheet Mask $9, gotoskincare.com). 

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If I’m looking to invest in just one facial treatment a year, what should it be?

Ooh, that’s a tricky one, because it’s so dependent on your skin, and what you’re trying to achieve. And look, in truth, most of the treatments that really do something, demand a program of a few of them, one can only do so much.

I will say that I have just started micro-needling for my pigmentation, because it was time to get serious. I’m three in, and it’s fantastic. My skin tone and texture are excellent. 

You’ve said before you don’t believe in eye creams. As someone who is starting to get crow’s feet, I’d love to know, do you stand by this and if so, what can I do instead?

I don’t believe in eye creams, no. I think they are very small, very expensive pots of moisturiser. Also, things like crow’s feet and dark circles are genetic. Eye concentrates, and serums, and products with retinol, though, they will do something. Also, SPF! And: wear sunglasses! 

Image credit: @zotheysay

Which of ZFB’s tips are you most excited to try out?

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