Zap those zits

Zap those zits

Anna Field, owner of the infamous Paddington Beauty Room in Sydney, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to skin solutions. Her ultimate spot stopper? She tells: “the best product I’ve come across is La Prairie’s CPS Blemish Control.”  The key, she says, is to act early, which can be tricky. Field suggests you pay attention to your skin; take note of where you break out and find out why (if intruders crop up around your mouth and chin, stress and hormones might be to blame).

“Don’t squeeze!” exclaims Field. While every beauty buff knows this golden rule, it’s often one that’s often broken. “If you absolutely have to squeeze, wash your hands with soap and water, wrap your fingers in tissue and lift the blemish up and out,” she directs. After extraction, Field insists you apply sunscreen to avoid pigmentation, which, she adds, “will stay there long after your pimple has gone.”

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