Your skin doesn’t end at your chin

Your skin doesn’t end at your chin

Respect your neck

In some cultures the neck is considered so beautiful that a woman will wear brass rings just to make hers longer. In Japan the slightest sliver of a geisha’s neck could make a grown man cry. But even though they are considered a symbol of elegance and sensuality, we often forget to take care of our necks. Until they start to look turkey-like, that is.

You need to start caring about your throat now. Not only is the skin in this area vulnerably thin, it’s supported by only three muscles, as opposed to the face’s twenty. Dragged down by gravity and creased with almost every move of your head, it’s little wonder it starts to wrinkle and sag!

Treasure chest

No matter where you’re from, a silky décolleté holds feminine allure. And there’s nothing quite like a leathery cleavage to give away a woman’s age and sun-worshipping sins.

Why is your décolleté so delicate? At the mercy of the sun and free radicals by day, your chest then has to deal with ‘night wrinkles’. When you sleep on your side or front, your chest crinkles and folds, and this creasing eventually forms permanent furrows.

Treatments to try:
Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules for Face and Throat, $150
Support those three lonely muscles with a firming hit of vitamin A, ceramides, essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

Gatineau Defi-Lift Throat & Décolleté Lift Cream, $140

Apply this luxurious cream with sweeping upward strokes to nourish, firm and tighten sagging skin.

Gatineau Melatogenine Pure Focus Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, $105
This ultra concentrated complex of vitamins C, E and F plus marine collagen, algae extract and Melatogenine helps cells stay plumper for longer. And it comes with a wand applicator to reach right into your deepest wrinkles.

Dove Pro.age Neck & Chest Beauty Serum, $19.99
This light yet deeply hydrating serum features olive oil and glycerine to prove mature skin can still be sexy.

Chest-A-Peel Pillow Pad
This flexible pillow slips between your boobs and along your cleavage to stop skin creasing while sleeping on your side or stomach. Check them out at

Tip: SPF 30+ is a sexy neck and décolleté’s best insurance policy. Skip it at your own crepey-skinned peril!

Helping hands

Think of the daily ravages your face endures, like sun and pollution, then add detergents, hard work and rough treatment. That’s what your underappreciated hands go through every day. So it only makes sense to lavish them with the same love your show your face. Especially since older-than-your-years mitts can really steal the show. Sarah Jessica Parker’s wrinkled ‘granny hands’ are the famous case in point.

Treatments to try:
L’Occitane Tomato & Olive Organic Garden Hand Cream, $26.95
With the smoothing and antioxidant powers of tomato plus the supremely nourishing qualities of olive oil, this non-greasy cream instantly soothes and softens neglected hands.

Dr LeWinn’s Revitalising Hand Polish, $34.95
Gently buffing away dead skin cells, this vitamin C, macadamia and soybean oil-rich scrub leaves you brighter, more even-toned and smoother than a satin glove.

Manicare Spa Rejuvenating Hand Mask, $9.99
Enriched with emollients and vitamins to condition dry, chapped skin, this luxurious-feeling mask gives you glowing hands worth a gleaming manicure.

Cellex-C Hydra Hand Cream, $105
This rich and velvety treatment cream infuses hands with moisture whilst providing vital SPF15+ coverage.

Tip: Use leftover skincare products on your hands. Slather them on under gloves while doing chores for a true domestic goddess treat.

The buttcial

The trend for pampering posteriors began in the US (they call it the ‘fanny facial’). But having a smooth, taut tush isn’t just for Malibu beachcombers and Hollywood booty doubles; it’s a matter of confidence. Anyone who has an acne-prone or less than touchable behind can benefit from a little derriere detox. Ways to love your bum vary from facial-esque masks and moisturisers to extractions and non-surgical buttock lifts.

Treatments to try:
A’kin Jojo & Corn Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub, $25
Softly buffing away bumps and dead skin, this jojoba-enriched scrub will leave your backside smooth as a, well, baby’s bum.

Nivea Visage
Active Purifying Mask, $3.50
Drawing out congestion-causing impurities while calming inflammation, this softening mask will feel just like a facial, just a little further south.

Danne Montague-King Body Sculpting Crème, $64.50
Massage this in with firm, circular strokes to boost circulation, flush out toxins and help defy dimples.

Diamond Contours Biomesosculture
Using a pumping and sucking apparatus that never breaks the skin, the Biomesosculpture treatment stimulates the extra cellular matrix beneath the skin’s surface to promote drainage and reduce cellulite. The result is said to be a perkier posterior within weeks. Visit for more information and salon locations.

– Tracey Withers

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