You share: beauty bible – page 2

You share: beauty bible – page 2

Time-consuming treatments, lengthy lip-looks topped with slow and steady straightening are enough to make a girl go gaga, especially the lazy lous among us.
The time has come to pick many a beauty brain and deliver a truly bursting bible, complete with the crème de la crème of commands (beauty that is) that a lazy girl ought to have down-pat. We called upon some of our marvellous members to spill their secrets so that we can all look forward to an effortlessly stunning summer!

Clue 1:  What was passion4products fabulous foody skincare tip?

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Waste not, want not
“When using a cleanser or moisturiser that comes in a little pot, use a mini spatula (I use a Nutella spatula) to get out as much as you need. You’ll use less, and it stops bacteria breeding.” – Billywig

Eye’ promise to be gentle
“When removing eye-make-up with a moistened cotton pad of eye make-up remover, its best to hold the pad over your closed eye for a few seconds then gently wipe outwards. It’s the best way to remove even the most stubborn eye make-up. Sweet almond/jojoba/avocado oils make the best pre-cleanse and are super nourishing on skin.” – audrey_hepburn_princess

Scrub a dub dub
“For a cheap and easy lip exfoliation just mix some raw brown sugar and honey together (or olive oil) and rub over the lips either with your fingers or a tooth brush.” – Skyez1988

Puffy pillow eyes
“If you have puffy eyes store eye-creams in the refrigerator, as the coldness will also help reduce puffiness.” – melmeko

“Use meringue to firm the eye area: whisk a couple of eggwhites and leave on your eyes for 10minutes, the protein in egg whites is super hydrating, smoothing and constricts as it dries for a tightening effect.” – passion4products

Aloe everything
“Another great natural product is aloe vera, either a gel formula from the chemist or the real pure stuff straight from the plant, it’s perfect for burns and great for cuts, abrasions and even as a natural moisturiser.” – BeautyMate28

Burn, baby burn
“If you have been heavily kissed by the sun’s damaging rays, soak a cloth in full-fat milk and apply it to the burn. Make sure you have a cool bath and slather yourself in aloe vera cream-gel.” – passion4products

Remover replacement
“If you run out of make-up remover use some olive oil: as well as removing make-up, it really nourishes the skin.” – Skyez1988

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