You review: Ayurda Dew Drop Moisturiser

You review: Ayurda Dew Drop Moisturiser

Adhering to the Ayurvedic ancient principle that ‘nothing will be applied to skin that cannot be taken internally’, Ayurda Dew Drop Moisturiser uses no synthetic chemicals or preservatives to repair cells and maintain the skin’s youthful integrity.
Did it do just that? Read what the trial team thought:

“I really like the principals of Ayurvedic medicine so was thrilled to see this moisturiser is based on exactly that. With this particular type of holistic approach there are a lot of very strong and pungent herbs and spices used. I found the texture of the lotion just lovely, it smoothed over the skin and sunk in beautifully leaving a really lovely feel but the overwhelming odour of the lotion was too much to bear. I’m not sure if it’s the neem but I know that the sandalwood has not blended well with something. To me it smelt really strongly of incense, the smell lasted all day, however the positive side is that my skin did seem to really like it, and felt comfortable and nourished all day long. Again I love the principals and concept but the smell is just too much for a facial preparation in my opinion.” Rating: 4/5 – Princess75

“I really enjoyed using this moisturiser. It has a lovely, light, rose scent and absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling hydrated, soft and supple to touch. It doesn’t leave a shine and the pump application is great; you get nice little metered doses and there’s no need to put your fingers into the whole product. Possibly one of the best moisturisers I have used in a long time.” Rating: 5/5 – Lynx

“Well my first impression of this was that it smelt absolutely divine and I loved the handy pump pack too. It slides on easily, offers great coverage with just a small amount but the scent did tend to get a bit over the top. It also felt a bit heavy and greasy on my skin and after a few days I had to stop using it, as my skin is quite sensitive. But if you don’t have sensitive skin it’s a lovely product, just not for me.” Rating: 4/5 – fifi73

“The pump bottle is so visually stunning. Just press the pump and the gorgeously light pink serum is ready to apply. The moisturiser has a milky texture so you only need to apply a small amount and it’s not greasy at all. The ingredients make for a yummy aroma that lingers under your nose for hours. I adore knowing that not only does the moisturiser contain organic products but, more importantly, it isn’t tested on animals. I have already started putting money away so I can afford to buy this moisturiser again once it runs out as it really is worth the price of $74.95. I apply it on my face, neck and even the décolletage morning and night like the bottle suggests so you’re saving money by not buying two different creams for morning and night. It instantly soothes the skin and has put colour back into my face whilst brightening my complexion and evening out my skin tone. It has left my skin soft, supple, refreshed, moisturised, creamy, and tightened. If this is what the moisturiser has done to my skin over six days I look forward to seeing the results of using the whole bottle. Stay tuned…” Rating: 5/5 – Flutter

“I am loving this moisturiser as it is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a moisturiser: it can be applied in humid conditions without being too heavy and leaving a greasy, sweaty residue. It comes in an attractive pump bottle made of frosted glass and is loaded with heaps of natural extracts. I noticed immediately that the scent was a bit overpowering (my only con with this product) but I Iike the aroma effect, it reminds me of the smell of incense and it doesn’t linger too long. You can use it sparingly as one squirt of the pump is enough for my entire face and neck. It is rich and creamy but not too thick. It leaves my skin radiant with a healthy glow rather than an ugly shine. It makes my face feel cool and refreshed – even during the heat of the day and is also great for wearing under make-up. It’s wonderful that I have had the opportunity to try this moisturiser but for the price it would be unlikely that I would be able to afford to buy one myself unless I get lucky.” Rating: 5/5 – Melmeko

“I researched the brand and was very impressed with its products – no nasties! This product felt very light but still hydrating. It spread on nicely making my skin feel soft and smooth. I didn’t experience any oiliness at all – it seemed to have a nice balance – hydrating without creating oiliness. I love the pump bottle, it makes it nice and easy to dispense as much as you need; it’s also quite a large bottle which is good as it is quite a pricey product! Unfortunately, in my opinion, this product’s major downfall is the scent. It is WAY too strong for me! This, of course, is an individual opinion, and the moisturiser is lovely, but personally it made my face smell very strongly of potpourri – and for this reason alone, I wouldn’t purchase it again. If this brand brought out a fragrance-free version I would definitely consider purchasing!” Rating: 3/5 – Elmo

“This is just a lovely, light, non-greasy moisturiser. I actually really liked the smell, I didn’t find it too strong at all, in fact, very natural. Other high-end products that I have tried have had a chemical smell [but this didn’t]. It absorbed quickly into my skin and the hydration lasted well. The biggest turn off for me was the price. I don’t think I would buy it due to this. However, saying that it would actually make a nice present for someone close.” Rating: 3/5 – Helen D

“This is a rich, creamy moisturiser. I like that it uses all natural ingredients. It is not oily or greasy but absorbs instantly and made a huge difference on my really dry spots like elbows and knees. It was really, really nice to use, the bottle is lovely. It has quite a strong (but nice) fragrance so best used before bed as the scent lingers so would interfere with any perfumes. It’s very nice and I would use it again once this bottle runs out.” Rating: 4/5 – Lead and Feather

“The smell was not to my liking and I struggled to get passed this but the moisturiser itself was lovely, soft, refreshing, very soothing and non-irritating. I loved the pump bottle, it was easy, clean, no mess and no fuss. If you can get past the scent then it’s a terrific moisturiser.” Rating: 3/5 – Busy Bee1

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