Would you like your skin to be forever young?

Would you like your skin to be forever young?

The quest for younger looking skin is endless. Diet, exercise and reducing sun exposure are vital and so are innovations in skincare.

Sensation by Anabiosis is a new Australian-owned and -made moisturiser with a difference. Created to assist detoxification of the skin, Sensation by Anabiosis is a world first that combines natural marine botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and exclusive peptideG200™ technology to encourage cellular rejuvenation and repair.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin and Sensation by Anabiosis was developed by a team with more than 38 years of combined expertise in biomedical engineering, stem cell research and cell regeneration.

Interestingly, the exclusive peptideG200™, which provides the cream with wound healing properties, was discovered during research on the tissue regeneration of the Salamander which has the capability to re-grow entire limbs. It’s not your typical beauty boast, but Sensation by Anabiosis is not your typical moisturiser.

The nourishing, non-oily cream is in fact a multi-purpose product suitable for all skin types: oily, dry and combination included. Even sensitive skins prone to irritation, eczema and inflammation can gain comfort from Sensation by Anabiosis comforting. While smokers and those with photo-damaged skin may find it helps restore radiance as well.

Sensation by Anabiosis goes to work immediately, which can result in a slight, short-lived tingling sensation. Designed for use morning and night, it can be applied after cleansing and before make-up.

Sensation by Anabiosis: Would you like your skin to be forever young?

Anabiosis contributes a significant amount of its earnings to support health and well-being foundations working in the fields of multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, arthritis, eye disease and cancer.

Sensation by Anabiosis, $129.

Anabiosis is offering five lucky bh members the chance to snap up Sensation for free. To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous offer, simply email your details to info@anabiosis.com.au

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