3 products to add to your winter hair care routine

3 products to add to your winter hair care routine

Your winter hair care routine, much like your skin care routine, should be adjusted to fit the colder weather. The extra chill in the air can do more than just have you drinking an endless supply of hot chocolate – it can actually impact your strands in a major way.

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From a dry, flaky scalp, to that matted, been-shoved-under-a-beanie-for-months situation, there are whole host of issues that can arise as the temperature drops. Your hair can get all straw-like and sad, it can look dull and you’re less inclined to brave the cold for an emergency salon visit. And that is totally fair as far as I’m concerned!

But I’m here to help you get your winter hair care kit sorted by reviewing three winter hair care essentials – so you can spend less time on your hair and more time snuggled on the couch questioning the choices of the Love Island Australia contestants.

The Hair Primer: Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier Spray

Prepping your hair is the step you never want to skip in winter, so I’ve been dialling up my winter hair care routine with this Pureology winner. I’m not heat styling my hair as much as I was during the party season, but I’m also washing my hair and visiting the salon less – so I need a product that will keep my hair nourished but also keep my style in place and colour bright for a longer period of time.

I spray this product onto my hair when it’s still damp and before the rest of my styling products. It’s ideal for coloured hair because it will keep your colour locked in, while also delivering a hit of hydration.

It’s also a UV protectant, which like sunscreen, is super important even when you can’t actually see the sun through the clouds. I’ve noticed it’s kept my hair looking loads healthier throughout the cold weather and it has definitely made styling my hair much easier in winter – no snags or tangles here!

The Scalp Saviour: De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Balance Cleanser

A dry, flaky scalp is par for the course in winter and if it won’t let up, it’s time to sort it out. I’ve been using this instead of my regular shampoo in an effort to clear out all those unsightly flakes from my strands and I’ve noticed a massive difference.

As it got colder, my scalp started looking sadder. After a few too many days in between washes and a lot of dry shampoo, I was starting to see some build up around my scalp. After ignoring it for a while, I noticed it was getting worse so I sought out De Lorenzo’s scalp range to clear it up.

And boy, did it! I’m now completely flake free and my scalp feels good again. It gently cleansed my hair without making it feel stripped or dry, and I noticed a big change after only one wash. I never had to worry about it pulling out my hair colour either – it stayed vibrant after every single wash.  I definitely recommend subbing this one in during the colder, flakier months but also year-round for anyone experiencing scalp issues.

The Hair Perfume: MY.ORGANICS The Organic Hydrating Hair Perfume ($9.99, chemistwarehouse.com.au)

I know, what does a hair perfume have to do with winter hair care? But hear me out. This isn’t just another hair perfume that will make your hair smell pretty for a few hours. It’s actually multi-purpose and excellent for when you’re needing a handbag hair SOS.

The packaging is super sleek and I love how it fits perfectly into the compartment of my bag that’s actually meant to house pens – because clearly I’ve got better things to lug around! When my hair feels all straw-like from the cold winter air, I give it a spritz with this hair perfume. It not only makes my hair smell utterly divine (thanks to notes of rose, lemon and sweet fennel), but it also works to hydrate my ultra-dry ends and give my dull hair a major boost in shine.

Plus, at only $9.99 it feels like a little luxury without the ridiculous price tag that comes with a lot of hair perfumes. It also means I can skip my regular perfume in the morning while still smelling delicious. Snap it up!

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