Winnie the Pooh face masks are a thing

Winnie the Pooh face masks are a thing

We’ve seen a few wacky face masks lately (not to mention this face mask for your jaw) – but this Winnie the Pooh exfoliating sheet mask has just shot to the top of our list of freaky beauty products.

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Hailing from Japan, the mask is downright adorable in theory – but as these Twitter users demonstrate, it’s actually kind of terrifying.

Image credit: @beeeeeerrrrrry via

Reddit user ppchromatics sums it up nicely: “These masks are amazing.

“They make your skin super soft and scare your family all within the span of twenty minutes.” Hilarious.

Fortunately for the more traditional skin care enthusiasts among us (myself included), it seems like these scary sheets aren’t readily available outside Japan.

If you’re on the hunt for a mask that’s a touch less terrifying, try these:

Is this the scariest sheet mask you’ve seen? What other weird or wacky beauty products have you spotted? 

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