Why I’m going to use this Ella Bache facial oil all year round


There’s so much I love about this Ella Bache Botanical Skin Treatment Oil. Ever since I had a baby, my skin has gone from dehydrated to super dehydrated on my cheeks with red undertones down my T-zone. And working in an air-conditioned office environment probably hasn’t helped. So I’ve been on the hunt for a skin care product that will re-hydrate and soothe my skin without making me break out. I was super excited to review the Ella Bache Botanical Skin Treatment Oil. It’s meant to help revive dry, dehydrated skin. That’s me to a tee!

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But what really piqued my interest was its list of ingredients. In particular hemp oil. After hearing so much about hemp oil  and reading an article here on bh, I started taking ingestible CBD hemp oil. The results were pretty amazing. I was able to quit coffee without a fuss, I had more energy and my skin looked so much better for it. Rich in fatty acids, the hemp oil infused into this Ella Bache oil contains antioxidants vitamin E and A that help stimulate the production of collagen and plump up skin. Everything a gal like me needs.

I’ve long been a fan of Ella Bache. I’ve used it ever since my teenage years. Their Crème Intex No. 2 is a cult classic and saved me many a times from a massive pimple breakout. I’ve always adored the delicious scents of their products. This one’s no different. It contains a concoction of sandalwood, chamomile and lime that has a fresh, spa-like quality to it. It’s a joy to apply.

The bottle comes with a dropper applicator that allows you to expel one drop at a time without creating an oily mess. Instead of my normal night-time moisturiser, I’ve been applying it after my serum. It absorbs into my skin easily and doesn’t feel oily or heavy. When I wake up my skin seems to look and feel more balanced and not so dry. Since winter is here, and my entire body feels so dry, it’s actually come into my beauty bag at a good time .

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