Why am I breaking out?

Why am I breaking out?

Pimples, breakouts, blemishes, flaming-red bumps of misery… Whatever you call them, they can be a nightmare.

The question is: why are you breaking out in the first place? We reveal the different reasons your skin might be flaring up and how to deal with it, face first!

#1: You’ve been touching your face

Are you guilty of squeezing pimples or touching your face on the reg? All this poking and prodding may have caused blemishes to develop, or made existing ones worse. Picking at your skin spreads pimple-causing bacteria, so keep your mitts well away from your face. (But you knew that already, right?)

#2: You’ve been indulging too much

It’s true – indulging in your fair share of hot chips, chocolate, pasta, pizza and cakes can cause breakouts. The caffeine and theobromine found in chocolate are known to cause clogged pores, and carb-rich foods spike your blood sugar levels, both of which can lead to acne. If you’ve been over-indulging on sugary or fatty foods, try cutting back and remember: moderation is key!

#3: Your hormones are out of whack

When you’re stressed, your body produces cortisol, the stress hormone. One of the many joys of having cortisol coursing through your body is that it can wreak havoc on your skin, and make acne flare up. Just what you need when you’re feeling cranky and irritable! This happens because cortisol and other stress hormones stimulate your oil glands to work in overdrive, producing excess oil, clogging pores and forming pimples.

To keep stress under control and breakouts at bay, find a way to release anxiety and tension – whether that is by exercising, sweating it out in a sauna, booking a massage or even just taking 10 minutes of me-time. Your skin will thank you for it!

#4: You’re using the wrong skin care products

Cleansing and moisturising religiously but still breaking out? What’s the deal? Well, while you have the best intentions about looking after your skin, you might be using products that aren’t benefiting your skin type.

Switch to a foaming cleanser that’s specifically formulated for oily skin types to clear your skin of excess oil and grime, and swap your heavy face cream for a hydrating facial oil (yes, facial oils work wonders on oily complexions) and a lighter, oil-free moisturiser.

#5: You’re washing your face wrong

If you’re getting breakouts around your hairline, jawline or nose, you may not be cleansing these areas thoroughly. If that’s the case, you’d be leaving pimple-causing grime and oil behind, so make sure you pay special attention to those nooks and crannies.

Also, get into the habit of washing your face at the end of your shower, after you’ve washed your hair. This will help to away any shampoo or conditioner residue from your face t and prevent it from clogging your pores.

What do you think is causing your breakouts? How do you deal with them?

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