Why Whitney Port looks fabulous all the time


Whitney Port, star of The Hills and The City and bestie to Lauren Conrad, landed on our shores the other day to launch the inaugural Priceline Festival of Beauty. 

Working together with Priceline Beauty Director, Rae Morris, Whitney revealed eight insanely beautiful beauty looks. We also had the chance to chat to her, and she shared some interesting insights into her beauty routine, how she looks so fresh after flying a gazillion hours, her go-to make-up look, and her tips for those who aren’t really into the make-up thing.

Whitney’s in-flight beauty kit

 “So I use these Simple make-up remover pads when I get on a plane. If I have a little bit of something on my skin already, I make sure that I cleanse with one of those pads so it’s completely clean, then I’ll use the Avène Thermal Spring Water and that gives me enough moisture through the flight. Maybe a little eye cream, too and some Lucas Paw Paw ointment, and then I feel good. And then when I wake up from the flight, I spray a little more [Avène Thermal Spring Water] and I use some eye drops, and I’m usually fine. Usually, I just try to keep it as bare as possible so it [the products used] doesn’t clog anything.”

The beauty products she can’t travel without

“I always need face wash, some sort of moisturising spray, moisturiser and eye cream. I’m all about skin. Make-up wise, I can kind of leave home without. As long as I have something to brush my eyebrows and a little tint for my lips and cheeks, I’m ‘less is more’ with make-up. But with skin, I pack a lot.”

What she’s stocking up on in Sydney

“I just asked, ‘What does Rae [Morris] use?!’ I got a La Roche-Posay face wash, Bioderma cleansing water, Nuxe body oil, some People for Plants hand cream, oh, and the Trilogy Rosehip Oil – it’s so good!”

The Priceline Festival of Beauty look she thinks is universally flattering

Image: Supplied

“Woodstock! When in doubt, that’s what I ask for or try and do myself. That’s the only look I really know how to do. It’s easy, and no matter what I’m wearing, I know it will work.”

She’s low-key when it comes to make-up

“When I do my own [make-up], it’s usually pretty standard. For me, it’s all about ‘less is more’ and being natural with pretty much everything I wear. Sometimes, if I’m going out with my girlfriends, I’ll pop on a bright lip, but other than that, the natural look is my go-to.” 

But she’d love to learn how to do a smoky eye

Image: Supplied

“It’s something I don’t normally do, but I want to try. I just think it’s fun to play around with things. I’d usually do the Woodstock look, which is this dewy, bronzy, shimmery, golden look, but I’d love to rock a smoky eye.”

Her advice for those who aren’t into wearing lots of make-up

“A little can actually go a long way. A little bit of foundation or a little tinted moisturiser, brushing up your brows, curling your lashes, all of those things that don’t requite much skill or time can make a big difference.”

Are you more of a make-up or skin care girl? Which of the above beauty looks do you prefer?

Main image: Supplied

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