What your breakouts are telling you


Ah yes, the ultimate skin question: what is causing my breakouts? 

Hormones, stress, diet, improper skin care – there are so many different factors that can cause pesky pimples, it can be hard to know where to start. Lucky for us, Dennille Ludenau, National Corporate Training Manager for Dermalogica, knows skin from the inside out and is able to explain how the position of breakouts on the face can be a big clue towards the cause.

Breakouts on the forehead

“The forehead is linked to digestion and the bladder, so breakouts in this area can be a sign of improper diet, food intolerances, insufficient water and bladder infection,” explains Dennille. “Comedogenic ingredients in hair care products (such as shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and dry shampoo) can also contribute to forehead breakouts.”

Breakouts above the brow line

“Breakouts in the eyebrow and around this area can be caused by improper removal of make-up or a lack of exfoliation, which leads to a build-up of dead skin cells,” says Dennille. “Breakouts in this area can also be a sign of adrenal stress.”

Breakouts in between the brows

Dennille says: “Breakouts in between the eyebrows are linked to the liver, so eating a lot of rich foods, eating late or a possible lactose intolerance could be possible causes for breakouts in this area.”

Breakouts on the chin

There are a few different causes for pimples appearing on the chin. Dennille explains: “The central part of the chin is linked to the small intestine, meaning diet, food allergies or digestive problems could be the cause. The outer sides of the chin are linked to the ovaries in a female and the testes in a male, therefore hormonal imbalance, particularly during certain stages of a woman’s cycle, can cause breakouts to appear in this area.”

Breakouts on the cheeks

The cheeks are linked to the respiratory system, meaning that pollution in the air and smoking can contribute to pimples in this area. Danielle says: “Those that smoke a lot tend to experience under-surface congestion on the cheeks.”

Did you know that the position of your breakouts could help define the cause? On which area of the face do you tend to experience the most breakouts? 

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