What is premature ageing?

What is premature ageing?

When you hit your forties, your skin’s ability to produce that plumping, firming protein we all know and love – collagen – slows down. As a result, your face begins to show the signs of ageing.

If this rings true to you, you probably have a few questions. Why did you start noticing lines around your eyes when you were eighteen? Or why did your forehead start becoming crepey in your mid-twenties? Well, you can blame premature ageing for that…

So, what is premature ageing?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – skin that ages before its time. It’s caused by internal and external factors that damage the skin and accelerate the rate at which it ages. These causes are most likely environmental, hormonal and physiological, and include exposure to the sun’s UV rays, stress, lack of sleep, and naughty habits like drinking excessively and smoking.

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What are the signs of premature ageing?

Premature ageing shows up on the skin in many forms: lines and wrinkles, expression lines, uneven skin texture, dehydration, sun spots, loss in elasticity, visible capillaries and rough patches. A red, blotchy complexion is also a telltale sign of premature ageing.

How can you prevent premature ageing?

For Aussie women, due to our harsh climate, hiding from the sun’s harmful rays is no easy feat – but you can take steps to protect your skin. Invest in skin care that’s formulated to fight premature ageing with antioxidants and ingredients like licorice root, and get your hands on a day cream that’s high in SPF to shield your skin from the sun. Also, try to limit stress by enjoying some ‘me’ time each day. Get enough sleep, keep your intake of alcohol to a minimum, and steer clear of cigarettes.

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Did you know about premature ageing? Are you seeing the signs of premature ageing?

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