The range that combats dry winter skin

The range that combats dry winter skin

There is no time your skin is more likely to be dry and suffering than winter – from cold winds to overheated office spaces, it comes as no surprise if your complexion is dull, dehydrated and flaky. This is where the Simple Water Boost range comes in. From the range I decided to try the Micellar Facial Gel Wash, the Hydrating Gel Cream and the Skin Quench Sleeping Cream.

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I opted for these products as I am constantly applying and removing a full face of makeup. This, combined with winter weather are the main contributing factors to my skin feeling lacklustre when the temperature drops. Trying out a cleanser was important to me as I often feel that in an effort to ensure my skin is completely clean, I am severely drying out my face. I also treat my twice daily skin care routine as sacred, so having a daytime and nighttime product helped me really get a feel for the products.

The selling point for this range is the addition of an ingredient called Pentavitin. Pentavitin mimics the skin’s natural ability to lock in moisture, helping hydration penetrate more deeply than just the outer layer of skin… now to see if it worked.

What I really loved about this range was the consistency of the formulas. As they aren’t thick or heavy it could be easy to think that they weren’t providing the same level of hydration as some of their counterparts, however I found the opposite to be true. The cleanser’s gel to light foam formula thoroughly cleansed my skin, and as it is soap free I found it wasn’t drying at all. I would personally complement the cleanser once or twice a week with an exfoliator, to help slough off any flaky or dry skin, this in turn would also work to help the following night and day creams to penetrate the skin.

I used the Hydrating Gel Creme in the morning in conjunction with my SPF and I found it served as a really nice base for my makeup. My makeup applied smoothly, even over previously dry and flaky areas. The benefit of the gel water-like formula meant that it absorbed into my skin really quickly and easily, leaving my face feeling hydrated but not sticky or heavy. Similarly, I found the Skin Quench Sleeping Cream felt quite light on my skin but had significant hydration benefits. I was waking up with a fresh and hydrated complexion.

While my skin isn’t overly sensitive,  I also loved that there was no scent or colouring and no harsh chemicals that would react with sensitive skin.

Is dry winter skin an issue that affects you? What do you do to combat it?

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