3 clay masks your skin will love

3 clay masks your skin will love

Masking as a whole is a trend that has gone absolutely viral. Due, in part to its close relationship with the concept of self-care and taking time for yourself, masks of all kinds have found their way into our regular skin care routines. But whether you have a minute or an hour for some down-time, we found the clay masks that will help you (and your skin) make the most of it.

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While clay is known for its ability to draw out impurities and help control excess oil, these masks do so much more. Treat yourself and say hello to fresher, brighter skin.

If you have 1 minute…

Try: NIVEA 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask + Purify

While a minute doesn’t seem like long enough to do anything at all (especially a clay mask), we guarantee you’ll be thanking us for this. When you’ve had a long day, put it on, rinse off and be in bed in a flash. The NIVEA 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask + Purify has white clay and magnolia extract as its key ingredients, which work together to lift dead skin cells, cleanse deeply and refine the appearance of the skin. After an initial cleanse to remove my makeup, applying this mask for a minute and then rinsing with water, I felt my skin was deeply cleansed, fresh and ready for my slew of night time products.

If you have 10 minutes… 

Try: Ole Henriksen Hygge Hydra Clay Detox Mask (find it at sephora.com.au)

If you can squeeze 10 minutes of down time into your day, why not spend it with Ole Henriksen?

The ‘Ole Glow’ is real and thanks to the Hygge Mask’s unique combination of kaolin clay and essential oils, it detoxes and purifies skin while simultaneously restoring hydration. Gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin, this mask was truly 10 minutes of bliss at the end of a busy day and it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight and stripped like some clay masks.

If you have 20 minutes…

Try: Minenssey Hydrating Mask

A move away from the dried out finish you would typically associate with a clay mask – Minenssey utilises the benefits of the flannel flower and rosella fruit to work with Australian white clay to deeply hydrate and heal the skin. The cool thing about this mask is that is can be used on the skin or in the hair (or both at the same time), meaning 20 minutes downtime will feel like you’ve been to the day spa and back.

Have you used a clay mask before? What is your favourite?

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  1. Love clay masks! Having oily/combo skin I use them at least once to twice a week. Really love the Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying mask and their Anti-Pollution Charcoal mask. I find they don’t strip my skin afterwards, especially the super greens one.


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